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NYC Schools Handcuff and Haul Away Kids in Emotional Crisis

Despite a pledge to stop relying on police to deal with students who have mental health episodes, New York City schools have continued to call 911 on kids in distress thousands of times a year, an investigation by THE CITY and ProPublica found.

Tennessee’s Governor Calls for Expanding a Gun Dispossession System Already Failing Domestic Violence Victims

After the Covenant School shooting, Gov. Bill Lee went beyond state Republicans in calling for reform. But the system he is embracing already allows violent people to hold on to their weapons.

How We Measured the Environmental Cost of Bankrupt Mines

Using data from Kentucky and West Virginia environmental regulators, ProPublica and Mountain State Spotlight found that mines that have gone through multiple bankruptcies in the past decade had a higher median number of environmental violations than nonbankrupt mines.

In the Game of Musical Mines, Environmental Damage Takes a Back Seat

Jeff Hoops built Blackjewel into the nation’s sixth largest coal company by acquiring bankrupt mines. When it declared bankruptcy, he pivoted to other ventures, leaving polluted streams and mud-shrouded roads in his wake.

Washington State Legislature Strengthens Oversight of Private Special Education Schools

In response to a Seattle Times and ProPublica series, the state is getting more power to regulate schools for students with disabilities.

The Federal Government Accidentally Burned Down Their Houses, Then Made It Hard to Come Home

FEMA told survivors of the largest wildfire in New Mexico history that it aimed to put temporary housing on their land. But because of its strict, slow-moving bureaucracy, that has happened only twice.

Techos colapsados, baños sin servicio, salones inundados: dentro de las escuelas peor financiadas del país

Idaho gasta menos en escuelas por estudiante que cualquier otro estado. Los niños sudan, se hielan y se les dificulta aprender.

New Law Aims to Save Oysters on the Mississippi Coast

As Mississippi’s oyster population continues its freefall, state leaders turn to a model that has helped in Louisiana.

In Secret Recording, a Top City Library Official Calls Alaska Natives “Woke” and “Racists”

Despite Judy Eledge’s history of inflammatory comments and social media posts, Alaska’s governor has awarded her public money and a national role. What’s more, city and state agencies meant to protect Alaskans’ civil rights have been hamstrung.

Blown Away: Fishermen Endangered by Offshore Wind’s Political Power

Turbines the height of 70-story skyscrapers will soon tower over East Coast fishing grounds. But government regulators with ties to offshore wind developers are downplaying the danger to the marine ecosystem and fishermen’s livelihoods.

Another Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Punching Handcuffed Man

The conviction is the latest development in the extensive fallout from an investigation into the criminal justice system in Elkhart, Indiana, by ProPublica and the South Bend Tribune.

Ayúdenos a informar sobre las deterioradas escuelas públicas de Idaho

El Idaho Statesman y ProPublica quieren enterarse de las condiciones dentro de las escuelas del estado.

Some Are Jailed in Mississippi for Months Without a Lawyer. The State Supreme Court Just Barred That.

Criminal justice reformers have long complained that the state’s rules on appointing public defenders leave poor defendants without a lawyer as they wait to be indicted.

Idaho: Help Us Show Readers and Officials Issues With Your School Building

The Idaho Statesman and ProPublica are reporting on poor conditions in school buildings. We need your stories and photos to show how the issues affect students and staff.

Collapsing Roofs, Broken Toilets, Flooded Classrooms: Inside the Worst-Funded Schools in the Nation

Idaho spends less on schools per student than any other state. Kids are sweating, freezing and struggling to learn.

Thousands of Katrina Survivors Were Freed From Debt to the State. Those Who Already Paid Are Out of Luck.

Amid outcry, the state said it was no longer suing residents who had improperly used hurricane recovery money. That doesn’t change anything for the 425 who already paid a total of $6.8 million back to the state.

Utah’s Secretive Medical Malpractice Panels Make It Even Harder to Sue Providers

Prelitigation panels are meant to judge the merit of a complaint against a provider ahead of a lawsuit. But some attorneys see them as “nothing more than an obstruction” for victims.

Homeless Shelters Aren’t Equipped to Deal With New Mexico’s Most Troubled Foster Kids. Police See It for Themselves.

New Mexico places foster teens with serious mental health conditions in shelters that don’t offer psychiatric services. When a crisis erupts, they call 911. “This happens all the time,” said one officer.

The Powerful Forces Keeping High Interest Title Lending Alive in Georgia

TMX Finance and Select Management Resources, the owners of two major title lending brands, have been cozying up to Georgia lawmakers in a position to bottleneck industry reform.

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