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DTE Energy Facing Oversight of “Hardship-Inducing” Debt Collection Practices

The large utility must turn over details of its sales of customer debt, which previously were kept in the dark, but has fought off a ban on the practice.

The University Uprooted a Black Neighborhood. Then Its Policies Reduced the Black Presence on Campus.

Black enrollment at Virginia’s Christopher Newport University fell by more than half under longtime president Paul Trible, a former Republican senator who wanted to “offer a private school experience.” By 2021, only 2.4% of full-time professors were Black.

In a Major Shift, Northwest Tribes — not U.S. Officials — Will Control Salmon Recovery Funds

The Biden administration punted on key demands from Indigenous leaders to tear down hydroelectric dams hindering salmon. But tribes won control over $1 billion for other salmon efforts.

Los Angeles Orders More Residential Hotels to Stop Renting to Tourists

Twenty-one hotels have been cited so far. If the citations are enforced and upheld in court, hundreds of rooms could be turned back into low-cost permanent housing for the city’s poorest residents.

¿Preocupada por su visita al ginecobstetra? Una guía sobre lo que debería suceder —y lo que no debería suceder.

Luego de informar sobre la conducta sexual inapropiada por parte de ginecobstetras, muchas mujeres nos dijeron que no sabían lo que era normal. Con la ayuda de proveedores, pacientes y expertos, creamos esta guía.

Mujeres de Utah intentaron denunciar agresiones sexuales a la policía. Dicen que enfrentaron retrasos y barreras lingüísticas.

Mujeres, todas inmigrantes mexicanas, acudieron a la policía de Provo para denunciar al ginecobstetra David Broadbent por agresión sexual. Experimentaron demoras, confusión y negaciones en sus informes debido a la falta de servicios en español.

Utah Women Tried to Report Sexual Assaults to Police. They Say They Faced Delays and Language Barriers.

Several women, all Mexican immigrants, went to the Provo police to report OB-GYN David Broadbent for sexual assault. They experienced delays, confusion and denials over their reports due to the department’s lack of Spanish-language services.

Idaho Hasn’t Assessed School Buildings for 30 Years. Students and Educators Helped Us Do It Ourselves.

To understand the problems plaguing underfunded schools in Idaho, we surveyed 115 superintendents, toured 39 buildings and collected accounts from hundreds of students, parents and teachers.

Falling Apart

Students and Educators in Idaho Show Us What It’s Like When a State Fails to Fund School Repairs

Idaho Lawmakers Are Discussing a Proposal That Would Make It Easier to Repair Schools

For decades, Idaho’s high bar for school bonds has led to building conditions that students and teachers say make it difficult to learn. Amending the state constitution would help districts secure funding, but doing so won’t be easy.

Mayors Are Presiding Over Their Town Courts Despite Guidance Saying They Shouldn’t. A Lawmaker Calls for Reform.

We found more than a dozen places in Louisiana where the mayor sat on the bench of a court that pulled in a sizable share of the town’s revenue. The state says this arrangement could be unfair to defendants.

Knoxville’s Juvenile Detention Center Says Hundreds of Seclusions Were “Voluntary.” Some Kids Don’t See It That Way.

Tennessee says the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center is improving when it comes to illegally secluding kids alone in cells. The facility says its lockups comply with the law, but new reporting suggests otherwise.

“Uprooted” Explores How University Expansion and Eminent Domain Led to Black Land Loss

The short documentary “Uprooted” examines a Black community’s decadeslong battle to hold onto their land as city officials wielded eminent domain to establish and expand Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Virginia.

A Former Police Chief Fought to Rebuild After a New Mexico Fire. He Died Before He Could Go Home.

The man and his wife urgently needed payouts from the federal government, which set the fire that burned down their house.

A Washington Special Education School Accused of Abusing Students Is Closing Amid Scrutiny

The state’s investigation of Northwest SOIL, a private program serving public school students, was prompted by reporting from The Seattle Times and ProPublica that uncovered accusations about staff restraining and injuring vulnerable students.

West Virginians Could Get Stuck Cleaning Up the Coal Industry’s Messes

The state’s program for reclaiming abandoned coal mines has long been plagued with problems, but state and federal officials have done little to prepare for this reckoning.

Louisiana Sheriff’s Department Settles Two Use-of-Force Cases, Including One in Which an Autistic Teen Died

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office will pay part of a $1.25 million settlement in the case of Eric Parsa and an undisclosed sum to the family of Tre’mall McGee.

How “The Kids of Rutherford County” Sets Investigative Reporting to Music

Experimentation was key in creating the score for our four-part narrative podcast series, produced in collaboration with Serial.

Listen to All Episodes of “The Kids of Rutherford County”

ProPublica presents the complete podcast series “The Kids of Rutherford County” in partnership with Serial and WPLN Nashville Public Radio.

For Alaska Families, Questions Remain About Unsolved Deaths and “Suicides”

Local law enforcement said there was only one official unsolved killing in Kotzebue, Alaska. Many residents suspect otherwise.

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