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Rachel Glickhouse was the partner manager for the Electionland project. Previously, she was partner manager for ProPublica’s Documenting Hate for three years. She has worked at Univision, Medium and Americas Society/Council of the Americas and has written for Al Jazeera America, Quartz and GlobalPost. She has a B.A. in Latin American studies and Spanish from George Washington University and a master’s degree from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Announcing Four Electionland Reporting Project Grants

This year, Electionland will include four local reporting projects that ProPublica will fund and co-publish with partners.

Electionland 2020: NJ Primary, CDC Election Guidance, Fall Voting Plans and More

This week’s headlines on pandemic voting measures, vote by mail problems, and election funding.

Electionland 2020: Florida Felons Case, Drive-Thru Voting, Voter Registration and More

This week’s headlines on Trump’s latest election takes, creative in-person voting, and election lawsuits.

Electionland 2020: Kentucky and New York Vote, Trump on Mail Voting, COVID Impacts and more

This week’s headlines on primary voting problems, the fight over vote by mail, and new legislation.

Electionland 2020: Georgia Aftermath, USPS Struggles, Poll Workers and More

This week’s headlines on the latest lawsuits, cybersecurity issues, and vote by mail.

Electionland 2020: Georgia’s Chaotic Primary, NJ Mail Voting Problems, Election Legislation and More

This week’s headlines on what went wrong during recent primaries, voter registration issues and the latest lawsuits.

Electionland 2020: June Super Tuesday, Trump’s Voter Registration, Election Bills and More

This week’s headlines on elections in ten states and D.C., ongoing polarization over vote by mail and public health measures to protect voters.

Electionland 2020: Trump on Vote by Mail, Poll Worker PPE, Naturalizations and More

This week’s headlines on Trump’s escalating attacks on vote by mail, the latest in election lawsuits, coronavirus impacts on in-person voting and more.

Elections May Have to Change During the Coronavirus Outbreak. Here’s How.

States may shift primary dates, but only Congress can change the federal elections. We spoke to an elections expert to learn what you need to know about how coronavirus could affect the way voters cast their ballots in November.

We’ve Reported on Elections for Years. Here’s How Reporters Can Hold Officials Accountable.

Here are tips and ideas about what local reporters should find out about their local election systems before Nov. 3 to make sure people who should be able to vote can cast a ballot.

Help Us Cover the Election With Electionland 2020

ProPublica is relaunching its collaborative project for a third time to cover voting during this crucial election year. We’re recruiting newsroom partners.

What We Found in Three Years of Documenting Hate: A Letter to Our Partners

As the project investigating hate in America comes to an end, we look back at reporting highlights and the impact of our work.

I Spent Three Years Running a Collaboration Across Newsrooms. Here’s What I Learned.

ProPublica worked with close to 200 newsrooms in the U.S. to crowdsource hate crimes and bias incidents as part of our Documenting Hate project. The collaboration is wrapping up, but its lessons are worth remembering.

Congressional Survey on Hate Crimes

We asked members of Congress what they wanted to do about hate violence beyond offering thoughts and prayers. Here’s what they said.

Police Don’t Do a Good Job Tracking Hate Crimes. A New Report Calls on Congress to Take Action.

A day after the FBI released its latest hate crime numbers, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights detailed the many problems with those statistics and what should be done to fix them.

Building a Database From Scratch: Behind the Scenes With Documenting Hate Partners

News12, The Baltimore Sun, Reveal and HuffPost explained how they built hate incident databases in conjunction with the Documenting Hate project.

Making Collaborative Data Projects Easier: Our New Tool, Collaborate, Is Here

We’re open-sourcing our collaborative reporting software so that newsrooms can work together around large datasets.

ProPublica’s Collaborative Data Journalism Guide

Learn tips and best practices on how to set up and run a collaborative reporting project.

Working Together Better: Our Guide to Collaborative Data Journalism

We’ve learned a lot about how to make large-scale collaborations around datasets work, and today we’re giving away all of our secrets.

Help Us Investigate: Ask a Member of Congress About Hate Crimes

We’re asking newsrooms to help us survey federal legislators to find out what they think should be done about the increase in hate crimes and white supremacist violence.

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