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How Journalists Need to Go Beyond Fact Checking Trump

Podcast: We spoke with political science professor Brendan Nyhan about President-Elect Trump's lies and how reporters should handle them.

How Journalists Need to Begin Imagining the Unimaginable

In this week’s podcast, journalist Masha Gessen, who spent years reporting from Putin’s Russia, shares her thoughts on what journalists should be on watch for with the incoming U.S. administration.

The Presidential Polls Weren’t As Wrong as the Interpreters

Podcast: A senior writer for the FiveThirtyEight website argues the polls picked up evidence the race would be close -- but many people just didn’t believe it.

After Electionland: How it Worked, What We Found and What’s Next

Podcast: Electionland, an unprecedented effort to cover ballot access issues in real time, launched on November 8th. Today we talk with a few of the key players from ProPublica about what it was like reporting from one of the largest newsrooms in the country on Election Day.

Inside ‘Electionland’: Tracking Voting Problems in Real Time

Podcast: ProPublica and Univision reporters share which barriers to the ballot they’re seeing during this election.

Polling, Explained

Podcast: FiveThirtyEight's Harry Enten talks about how to tell good polls from bad ones, and how journalists and politicians can talk about them more effectively.

Should Media Employees Give to Campaigns?

Podcast: Journalist Dave Levinthal analyzed how many journalists, reporters and editors gave to a 2016 presidential campaign. Of the small percentage that did, most gave to Hillary Clinton.

Codes of Silence and Journalism’s Obligations

Podcast: A reporter in Chicago took on the police department’s alleged code of silence on misconduct. He produced a memorable story and poses some provocative questions to go with it.

How Trump Allegedly Ensured His Golf-Course Employees Were ‘Pretty Enough’

Podcast: How a Los Angeles Times reporter documented complaints of sexism from Donald Trump’s golf-course employees.

How the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic Is Morphing — and Growing

Podcast: Journalist David Armstrong has been tracking the rise of heroin and fentanyl and the human toll, as well as how drug companies marketed their narcotics years ago.

Uncovering Texas’ Strategy to Slash Much-Needed Special Education Services

Podcast: The Houston Chronicle found that Texas quietly pushed school districts to pare the number of students receiving special education services. The move saved billions of dollars but deprived tens of thousands of students of needed help.

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