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The Hidden Toll of Drug-Resistant Superbugs

Podcast: Tens of thousands of Americans die every year because of infections they pick up in hospitals, but the medical community is barely keeping track.

Fact-checking Donald Trump’s Charity Claims

Podcast: Donald Trump says he has personally donated millions to charity in recent years. Rather than debunking his claims, Washington Post reporter David Fahrenthold set out to prove them true – and still hasn’t been able to.

Inside an International Court of Money and Mystery

Podcast: BuzzFeed’s Chris Hamby tells us how he dug into the murky world of global dispute resolution court.

Hacking the American College Application Process

Podcast: How a team of reporters uncovered a culture of cheating among East Asian college prep companies

Uncovering a $1 Billion Deal to Detain Unauthorized Immigrants

Podcast: Chico Harlan discusses his investigation into private immigrant detention centers.

When USA Gymnastics Turned a Blind Eye to Sexual Abuse

Heresy: A Reporter Investigates Evidence That Jesus Had a Wife

Podcast: How journalist Ariel Sabar tied a former pornographer to an alleged forgery scheme that rocked the highest echelons of biblical scholarship.

An Overdue Examination of Detroit’s Forgotten Rape Kits

Podcast: Anna Clark speaks about her investigation for Elle Magazine into Detroit’s backlog of rape kits.

Doctors in Danger: How the Assad Regime is Targeting Syrian Physicians

Podcast: Ben Taub of the New Yorker describes the shadow network of doctors that has emerged out of the Syrian conflict.

Rough Passage: Reporters Find Abuse, Neglect and Death Aboard Private Prison Vans

Podcast: Eli Hager and Alysia Santo of the Marshall Project discuss their many months investigating the prison van industry.

How New Jersey Has Embraced ‘State-Sanctioned Loan-Sharking’ to Students

Podcast: ProPublica’s Annie Waldman talks about what makes New Jersey’s student loans so onerous.

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