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How Residents Get Ensnared by NYPD Nuisance Abatement Cases

Podcast: How New York Daily News reporter Sarah Ryley discovered that the NYPD was targeting minority neighborhoods in their enforcement of a law that can boot people from their homes and businesses

Uncovering the Fiction of ‘Farm to Table’ Food

Podcast: How a Tampa Bay Times food critic revealed that many 'locally sourced' restaurants were anything but.

Captive Labor and the Reporters Who Exposed an International Scandal

Podcast: Behind the scenes with the Associated Press reporters who found slavery on the high seas.

Meet the Panama Papers Editor Who Handled 376 Reporters in 80 Countries

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists’ Marina Walker Guevara joined our podcast, talking about how they handled such a big leak and why some big U.S. outlets passed.

Keeping Tabs on the Hacking Hero Who Became a Criminal Kingpin

Podcast: Evan Ratliff of The Atavist Magazine tells ProPublica reporter David Epstein about reporting (in real time) his weekly series on Paul Le Roux, a programmer turned cartel leader.

How One Reporter Got the Police Shooting Video Everyone Wanted

Podcast: Independent journalist Brandon Smith tells ProPublica senior reporter Julia Angwin how his lawsuit made the Laquan McDonald video public.

Vietnam Vets’ Fight for Benefits Gets New Crowdsourcing Boost

Podcast: ProPublica and Virginian-Pilot reporters share what they’ve learned investigating the impacts of Agent Orange and detail the digital tools they’re using in the effort.

Inside the Immigration Abuses of America’s Little-Known Guest Worker System

Podcast: BuzzFeed reporter Ken Bensinger details his investigation of exploitation in the H-2 guest worker program to ProPublica’s Tracy Weber and Charles Ornstein.

Flint’s Water Crisis and the Unique Role of the Reporter Who Helped Uncover It

Podcast: Curt Guyette, investigative journalist for the ACLU of Michigan, talks with ProPublica reporter Abrahm Lustgarten about finding proof that Flint’s water was poisoned.

One Professor’s Discovery About Speaking Truth to Power

Podcast: Adam Grant, author of “Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World,” talks to ProPublica reporter David Epstein about the psychology of going against the grain.

Turning the Housing Bubble into Movie Magic in “The Big Short”

Podcast: Planet Money’s Adam Davidson talks with ProPublica senior reporter Jesse Eisinger about his role as a consultant for the Oscar-nominated film.

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