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Ask ProPublica Illinois

How Does Journalism Work? Ask Us Questions. We Can Explain.

At ProPublica Illinois, we strive to be transparent about how our journalism gets done. But we can’t predict what you will find useful about it. So, tell us and we'll try to explain. Send any questions to [email protected].

The Books and Movies That Made Us Better Journalists

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Why Do Journalists Describe What Story Subjects Look Like?

Say What? How Reporters Gather and Use Quotations

Where Do We Find Our Story Ideas?

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Those Questions You’ve Been Asking About Journalism? We Ask Them, Too.

Defining the Delicate and Often Difficult Relationship Between Reporters and Sources

How Do You Identify Fake News?

How Do We Keep Bias Out of Stories?

When Is a Story Ready to Publish?

How Do Young Journalists Get Their Training?

How Does Journalism Work? Ask Us Questions. We Can Explain.