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Health Care

Dollars for Doctors

How Industry Money Reaches Physicians

ProPublica is tracking the financial ties between doctors and medical companies.

Impact of Our Reporting

Dollars for Doctors

Feed Me, Pharma: More Evidence That Industry Meals Are Linked to Costlier Prescribing

A third study shows an association between physician drug choices and their interactions with the pharmaceutical industry.

After Receiving Millions in Drug Company Payments, Pain Doctor Settles Federal Kickback Allegations

Doctors Prescribe More of a Drug If They Receive Money from a Pharma Company Tied to It

How Much Money Has Your Doctor Received From Drug Companies?

We Found Over 700 Doctors Who Were Paid More Than a Million Dollars by Drug and Medical Device Companies

Updated: Dollars for Docs

Opioid Makers, Blamed for Overdose Epidemic, Cut Back on Marketing Payments to Doctors

We’ve Added 2016 Data to Dollars for Docs

With Drug Reps Kept At Bay, Doctors Prescribe More Judiciously

Pharma Money Reaches Guideline Writers, Patient Groups, Even Doctors on Twitter

We’ve Updated Dollars for Docs. Here’s What’s New.

Updated Dollars for Docs

Illinois Sues Controversial Drug Maker Over Deceptive Marketing Practices

Drug and Device Makers Pay Thousands of Docs with Disciplinary Records

Drug and Device Makers Find Receptive Audience at For-profit, Southern Hospitals

How We Compiled the Dollars for Docs Hospital Data

What Percentage of Doctors at Your Hospital Take Drug, Device Payments?

Another Study Finds Link Between Pharma Money and Brand-name Prescribing

Now There’s Proof: Docs Who Get Company Cash Tend to Prescribe More Brand-Name Meds

ProPublica Adds Teaching Hospitals to Dollars for Docs

Updated Dollars for Docs

Bill Would Add Nurses, Physician Assistants to Pharma Payments Database

Transparency Program Obscures Pharma Payments to Nurses, Physician Assistants

New Dollars for Docs

A Pharma Payment A Day Keeps Docs' Finances Okay

About the Dollars for Docs Data

Why Pharma Payments to Doctors Were So Hard to Parse

Vying for Market Share, Companies Heavily Promote 'Me Too' Drugs

Methodology for Calculating Company Payments to Doctors

Dollars for Dudes: Almost No Women Among Medical Industry's Top-Paid Speakers, Consultants

$1.1 Billion in Drug, Device Payments to Doctors Not Included in New Federal Database

Analysis: Government's New Doctor Payments Website Worthy of a Recall

Our First Dive Into the New Open Payments System

What to be Wary of in the Govt's New Site Detailing Industry Money to Docs

What We've Learned From Four Years of Diving Into Dollars for Docs

More Data to Be Withheld from Database of Physician Payments

Government Will Withhold One-Third of the Records from Database of Physician Payments

Top Acthar Prescribers in Medicare Have Ties to Its Maker

Glitch Prompts Temporary Shutdown of Pharma Payment Verification System

Podcast: What to Look for in Federal Release of Payments From Big Pharma

Error: You Have No Payments from Pharma

Leaders of Teaching Hospitals Have Close Ties to Drug Companies, Study Shows

Reporting Recipe: Dollars for Docs

Double Dip: Doctors Paid to Advise, Promote Drug Companies That Fund Their Research

Doctor Payments on the Decline

As Full Disclosure Nears, Doctors’ Pay for Drug Talks Plummets

Freed of Disclosure Requirement, Drug Maker Pulls Doctor Payments Offline

GlaxoSmithKline to Quit Paying Doctors for Promotional Talks

Pay to Prescribe? Two Dozen Doctors Named in Novartis Kickback Case

Heart of Nerd Darkness: Why Updating Dollars for Docs Was So Difficult

Dollars for Docs Mints a Millionaire

About the Dollars for Docs Data

Feds to Publicize Drug and Device Company Payments to Doctors Next Year

Chatting With the Reporters Behind Dollars for Docs

American Pain Foundation Shuts Down as Senators Launch Investigation of Prescription Narcotics

Allergan Erases Doctor Payment Records

Senate Watchdog Targets High-Prescribing Medicaid Docs

Drug Companies Reduce Payments to Doctors as Scrutiny Mounts

The Champion of Painkillers

Two Leaders in Pain Treatment Have Long Ties to Drug Industry

Government Runs Late With Rules For Disclosing Drug Company Payments to Doctors

Florida Sanctions Top Medicaid Prescribers — But Only After A Shove

Government Misses Deadline for Rules Forcing Disclosure of Industry Payments to Doctors

Doctors Avoid Penalties in Suits Against Medical Firms

News Reports Cite Drop in Physician Speaking Fees

Patients Deserve to Know What Drug Companies Pay Their Doctor

Doctors Dine on Drug Companies’ Dime

Piercing the Veil, More Drug Companies Reveal Payments to Doctors

With Our Dollars for Docs Update Coming, Drug Companies Defend 'Interactions' With Physicians

A Doctor’s Take on Big Pharma and Patient Care

Emails Show Drug Company Used Third-Party Medical Groups to Influence Regulators, Undercut Rivals

Reports Detail More Drug Industry Ties to Medical Societies

Medical Schools Plug Holes in Conflict-of-Interest Policies

Cardiac Society Draws Bulk of Funding From Stent Makers

Heart Docs Reject Claims Of Bias From Industry Money

How Much Money Do Groups Receive From Industry?

How Much Money Do Groups Receive From Industry?

Heart Society’s Tip Sheets Fail To Mention Risks

Financial Ties Bind Medical Societies to Drug and Device Makers

The Heart Rhythm Society Responds to ProPublica’s Questions

How the Heart Rhythm Society Sells Access

How the Heart Rhythm Society Sells Access

Medical Groups Shy About Detailing Industry Financial Support

Dollars for Docs Adds Payouts from HIV Drug Maker

Dollars for Docs Sparks Policy Rewrite at Colorado Teaching Hospitals

Scraping for Journalism: A Guide for Collecting Data

Dollars for Docs Payments Approach $300 Million

Drug Companies Retain Tight Control of Physicians’ Presentations

Med Schools Flunk at Keeping Faculty Off Pharma Speaking Circuit

In Minnesota, Drug Company Reports of Payments to Doctors Arrive Riddled With Mistakes

Massachusetts Posts Pharma Payments to Health Providers

Drug Firms Say They'll Take Closer Look at the Docs They Pay

How News Organizations are Using Dollars for Docs Data—And How You Can Too

Dollars for Docs: Who’s On Pharma’s Top-Paid List?

Doctors on Pharma Payroll: What Our Partners Found

Editor's Note: Dollars for Docs

Lawsuits Say Pharma Illegally Paid Doctors to Push Their Drugs

Docs on Pharma Payroll Have Blemished Records, Limited Credentials

Consumer Reports: Most Patients Worry About Pharma Payments to Doctors