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After Katrina, New Orleans Police Under Scrutiny

In the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, NOPD officers shot 11 civilians, five of whom died. Criminal cases have now been brought against some officers, and the federal government is investigating the actions of the police department, which conducted only cursory inquiries into the deadly use of force.

Another Setback in Federal Investigation of New Orleans Police

Former officer acquitted in the death of Henry Glover.

Plenty of Misconduct, and 129 Pages of One Judge’s Disbelief

The judge who overturned the convictions in the Danziger Bridge case found what he called dark and disturbing incidents of misconduct by prosecutors.

Danziger Bridge Convictions Overturned

The federal judge who oversaw the trial of five New Orleans police officers charged in the shooting of unarmed civilians after Hurricane Katrina granted a request for a re-trial after uncovering misconduct by federal prosecutors.

Key Convictions Overturned in Killing by New Orleans Police

In a setback for federal prosecutors, an appellate court tosses the convictions of two former cops imprisoned in connection with the killing of Henry Glover.

After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters

After Katrina, New Orleans police officers circulated orders authorizing them to shoot looters and "take back the city," but it remains unclear who issued them.

Former New Orleans Cop Sentenced in Perjury Case

Judge Hits New Orleans Cops with Harsh Sentences

Judge Orders New Trial in New Orleans Police Case

A.C. Thompson at the 2011 Media Learning Seminar

ProPublica’s A.C. Thompson spoke at the 2011 Media Learning Seminar in Miami about his groundbreaking series, Law and Disorder.

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