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After Katrina, New Orleans Police Under Scrutiny

In the chaotic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, NOPD officers shot 11 civilians, five of whom died. Criminal cases have now been brought against some officers, and the federal government is investigating the actions of the police department, which conducted only cursory inquiries into the deadly use of force.

Another Setback in Federal Investigation of New Orleans Police

Plenty of Misconduct, and 129 Pages of One Judge’s Disbelief

Danziger Bridge Convictions Overturned

Key Convictions Overturned in Killing by New Orleans Police

After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters

Former New Orleans Cop Sentenced in Perjury Case

Judge Hits New Orleans Cops with Harsh Sentences

New Orleans Police Officer Convicted of Perjury, Obstruction in Post-Katrina Shooting

Report Slams Former New Orleans Police Honcho for Mishandling Probe of Post-Katrina Killing

Five New Orleans Cops Convicted for Their Role in Post-Katrina Shootings

Case of New Orleans Cops Accused in Post-Katrina Civilian Shootings Goes to the Jury

Trial Opens of New Orleans Police Officers Charged in the Danziger Bridge Shootings

Judge Orders New Trial in New Orleans Police Case

Judge Hands Out Tough Sentences in Post-Katrina Killing by Police

Feds Find ‘Systemic Violations of Civil Rights’ by New Orleans Police Department

A.C. Thompson at the 2011 Media Learning Seminar

In Wake of Glover Verdicts, What's Next for New Orleans’ Troubled Police Force?

Editor’s Note: The Long Road to Justice for Henry Glover

Jury Convicts Three, Acquits Two in Post-Katrina Police Shooting

Former Cop Sentenced in Post-Katrina Shooting of Unarmed Civilians at Danziger Bridge

NOPD Officer With History of Complaints Against Him Testifies in Post-Katrina Police Shooting

In Post-Katrina Killing, NOPD Cop Testifies Why He Shot Man, Another Explains Why He Burned the Body

Testimony in Post-Katrina Shooting by Police Offers New Details on Alleged Cover-up

Testimony: New Orleans Police Investigator Knew About Police Involvement in Post-Katrina Shooting

In Post-Katrina Police Shooting, Photographer and Cop Witnessed Key Events, Didn't Come Forward

Trial Underway of Five New Orleans Cops for Post-Katrina Shooting

Some of the Complaints Levied Against Lt. Dwayne Scheuermann

No Discipline for New Orleans Cop in 15 Shooting Incidents, 50 Complaints

New Orleans Judge May Limit Defense Options in Glover Case

Two NOPD Officers Charged in Post-Katrina Death

NOPD Officer Gets Three Years For Cover-Up of Danziger Bridge Shootings

Federal Agents Open Inquiry Into Order Authorizing NOPD Cops to Shoot Looters

Frontline Documentary ‘Law & Disorder’ Airs Tonight on PBS

Frontline Documentary 'Law & Disorder' Airs Tonight on PBS

Feds Tell Two New Orleans Officers They're Targets in Post-Katrina Shooting Probe

In New Orleans, New Evidence of a Beating by Police

Man Indicted for Alleged Racial Attack in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Feds Charge Man as New Orleans Inquiry Turns to Vigilante Violence

Six More Charged in New Orleans Danziger Bridge Shootings

The Killing of Henry Glover: Who Else Knew?

New Details Emerge in Glover Case

Missing Persons Report in Glover Case Failed to Receive Attention

Authorities Charge Fifth Former NOPD Officer in Danziger Case

Justice Department Opens Probe of NOPD

Big Changes at New Orleans Police Department

Fourth New Orleans Police Officer Charged in Post-Katrina Shooting at Danziger Bridge

Ex-Cop Michael Hunter Pleads Guilty in Danziger Shooting

Fourth Person Indicted in Danziger Bridge Shootings

Third Cop Indicted in New Orleans Bridge Shooting Case

Feds: We're Investigating Baton Rouge Police, Too

In Baton Rouge, More Allegations of Police Misconduct After Hurricane Katrina

Algiers Police Shooting Report Altered, Sources Say

Second Ex-Cop Pleads Guilty in New Orleans

Second Figure Charged in Post-Katrina Police Shootings

FBI Confirms Investigations Into Post-Katrina Violence Widening

Former New Orleans Detective Pleads Guilty in Katrina Shooting Cover-up

Post-Katrina Shootings by Police Get Federal Attention

New Orleans Police Officer Under Investigation in Shooting in Days After Katrina

PBS Frontline on Post-Katrina Police Shootings

NOLA Case Six

NOLA Case Five

Grand Jury Questions Top New Orleans Cop

Did New Orleans SWAT Cops Shoot an Unarmed Man?

NOLA Case Four

How a New Orleans Police Detective Missed a Key Clue in a Controversial Killing

NOLA Case Three

New Orleans Police Shot Man, Told Family Otherwise

NOLA Case Two

Shot or Not, Dead or Alive? Two Men’s Fate Lost in Chaos

In New Orleans, Chaos in the Streets, and in Police Ranks Too

Video: It Started With a Photograph

NOLA Case One

FBI Raids New Orleans Police Department

New Evidence Surfaces in Post-Katrina Crimes

FBI Opens Inquiry Into Death of Henry Glover

Are Police Really Probing Katrina Violence?

Answers to Your Post-Katrina Violence Questions

Update: New Orleans Police 'Looking Into' Katrina Vigilantism

Body of Evidence

Post-Katrina, White Vigilantes Shot African-Americans With Impunity

Conyers Responds to Revelations on Katrina Crimes