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Red Cross

Red Cross General Counsel David Meltzer Resigns Over Handling of Sexual Assault and Harassment Allegations

The charity’s CEO, Gail McGovern, announced Meltzer’s resignation this morning following a ProPublica story last week.

Red Cross

‘American Red Cross Sunshine Act’ Would Open Charity to Outside Scrutiny

A House bill is being released today along with a government report citing a lack of oversight about how the charity spends the millions of dollars donated by Americans.

Red Cross

Sen. Grassley Demands Red Cross Disclose Haiti Spending — And Gives Them a Deadline

The “disappointed” Judiciary Committee chairman wants a detailed breakdown of spending on projects, overhead and other issues.

Red Cross

Senator Demands Answers on Red Cross' Finances

Prompted by an investigation by ProPublica and NPR, Sen. Charles Grassley asks the charity to explain how it has used donations from the public.

The Red Cross Helped an Executive Get a Job at Save the Children After Forcing Him Out for Sexual Harassment

Texas Official After Harvey: The ‘Red Cross Was Not There’

Red Cross ‘Failed for 12 Days’ After Historic Louisiana Floods

Apple and Others Help Customers Donate to the Red Cross, And Only the Red Cross

I Spent My Summer Tracking Down Government Records About the Red Cross

After Louisiana Flooding, the Red Cross Draws a Deluge of Complaints

Senate Bill Would Force Red Cross to Open Books to Outside Oversight

We Want You to Help Report on the Red Cross

Senator: Red Cross Misled Congress, Refused To ‘Level With the People’ on Haiti Money

Congressman to Red Cross: ‘How Do You Get Lost Going to a Disaster Area?’

After Mississippi Flooding, Red Cross Stumbles Again

Red Cross Donations Plummet and Deficit Spikes

Red Cross CEO Dodges Congressional Questions About Cuts Around the Country

Congressman Presses Red Cross CEO For Answers On Impact of Downsizing

Senator Wants Names of Red Cross Officials Who Didn’t Cooperate With Government Inquiry

Red Cross CEO Tried to Kill Government Investigation

Senator to Red Cross: Where’s the Transparency on Haiti?

La Croix-Rouge ignorerait comment ont été dépensés des millions en Haïti

Confidential Documents: Red Cross Itself May Not Know How Millions Donated for Haiti Were Spent

5 Tips for Donating After Disasters

Red Cross Holds a Press Conference In Haiti. It Doesn’t Go Well.

How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes (French)

How the Red Cross Raised Half a Billion Dollars for Haiti ­and Built Six Homes

Podcast: When Those We Report On Complain

Red Cross Demands Corrections to Our 'Misleading' Coverage. Here's Our Response

How Fear Of Occupy Wall Street Undermined the Red Cross' Sandy Relief Effort

Red Cross’ Latest Claim Includes ‘Donations of Blood’

The Red Cross CEO Has Been Serially Misleading About Where Donors’ Dollars Are Going

Internal Survey Shows the Red Cross' Own Employees Doubt the Charity's Ethics

‘How Did You Start Investigating the Red Cross’: A Q & A With ProPublica Reporters

The Red Cross’ Secret Disaster

Red Cross Reverses Stance on Sandy Spending “Trade Secrets”

Red Cross: How We Spent Sandy Money Is a 'Trade Secret'

N.Y. Attorney General Pressed Red Cross on Post-Sandy Spending, Then Retreated

Long After Sandy, Red Cross Post-Storm Spending Still a Black Box

$10 Million Fine on Red Cross Highlights Its Troubled History of Blood Services