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Train Country

Investigating Railroad Safety in America

As powerful railroad companies race to maximize profits through efficiency, safety is left behind.

Impact of Our Reporting

Train Country

How Norfolk Southern Is Addressing Blocked Train Crossings in Hammond, Indiana

The railroad company has delivered on early, short-term fixes for the trains blocking kids from getting to school, but some officials are skeptical it will follow through on bigger, permanent changes.

Train Country

Blocked Crossings Crisis Draws Local and National Calls for Action

After seeing images of kids crawling under trains, regulators ask companies to address blocked crossings, lawmakers demand consequences, residents clamor for solutions and Norfolk Southern’s CEO calls a mayor to work out a fix.

What’s Missing From Railroad Safety Data? Dead Workers and Severed Limbs.

“It Looks Like the Railroad Is Asking for You to Say Thank You”

When Railroad Workers Get Hurt on the Job, Some Supervisors Go to Extremes to Keep It Quiet

Union Pacific Fired Him Rather Than Heed His Warnings of Dangerous Rail Conditions

“Do Your Job.” How the Railroad Industry Intimidates Employees Into Putting Speed Before Safety

Regulators Blast Union Pacific for Running Unsafe Trains

Help ProPublica Report on Railroad Worker Safety

As Rail Profits Soar, Blocked Crossings Force Kids to Crawl Under Trains to Get to School

The True Dangers of Long Trains

A Norfolk Southern Policy Lets Officials Order Crews to Ignore Safety Alerts

Do Blocked Railroad Crossings Endanger Your Community? Tell Us More.