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How a Network of Nonprofits Enriches Fundraisers While Spending Almost Nothing on Its Stated Causes

ProPublica identified a group of connected political nonprofits — with names like American Breast Cancer Coalition and National Coalition for Disabled Veterans — that appear to be funneling more than 90% of donations to fundraisers.

Introducing ProPublica’s 527 Explorer

Nonprofits known as 527s can raise unlimited sums for political spending. ProPublica is releasing a new database that will allow journalists, researchers and others to more easily search these organizations’ finances.

527 Explorer

Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars flow through little-known political organizations commonly called 527s. Use our database to explore who funds these organizations and how they’re spending their money.

Nine Takeaways From Our Investigation Into Microsoft’s Cybersecurity Failures

What you need to know about how a whistleblower repeatedly tried to get the software giant to fix a security flaw that left millions of Microsoft users exposed.

When Therapists Lose Their Licenses, Some Turn to the Unregulated Life Coaching Industry Instead

Despite past misconduct, some former therapists have continued their careers as life coaches. Now, after a high-profile conviction in Utah, legislators are asking whether it’s time for more oversight.

North Carolina Supreme Court Secretly Squashed Discipline of Two GOP Judges Who Admitted to Violating Judicial Code

The decisions came despite the Judicial Standards Commission’s recommendations to publicly reprimand the judges, and these are likely the only times in more than a decade in which the court didn’t follow the commission’s guidance.

What a Leading State Auditor Says About Fraud, Government Misspending and Building Public Trust

We spoke to a leading state auditor about how remote work and artificial intelligence are ushering in new kinds of fraud in state and local governments.

Microsoft President Grilled by Congress Over Cybersecurity Failures

The criticism from members of the House Homeland Security Committee came in response to a ProPublica investigation that found Microsoft repeatedly rebuffed an engineer’s warnings that a product flaw had left millions of users vulnerable to attack.

Harlan Crow Provided Clarence Thomas at Least 3 Previously Undisclosed Private Jet Trips, Senate Probe Finds

The Supreme Court justice flew to Montana and other destinations on the billionaire GOP donor’s dime. Crow’s lawyer revealed these flights to the Senate Judiciary Committee, whose ongoing investigation was sparked by ProPublica’s reporting.

Microsoft Chose Profit Over Security and Left U.S. Government Vulnerable to Russian Hack, Whistleblower Says

Former employee says software giant dismissed his warnings about a critical flaw because it feared losing government business. Russian hackers later used the weakness to breach the National Nuclear Security Administration, among others.

Bill to Fund Stillbirth Prevention and Research Passes Congress

The bill expands the use of existing federal money to be used to fight stillbirths. Lawmakers cited ProPublica’s reporting on the issue as key to adding urgency and building support for the measure.

ProPublica Updates “Supreme Connections” Database With New Justice Disclosures

The update includes data from eight financial disclosures made public last Friday that cover 2023, as well as information from some older filings.

Reader Tips Propelled Our Supreme Court Reporting. Now Your Info Could Power Our 2024 Election Coverage.

An email from a reader helped a team of ProPublica reporters uncover secret tuition payments Harlan Crow made for a family member of Clarence Thomas. Now we’re looking for tips on the election, and you can help.

Former Foster Youth Are Eligible for Federal Housing Aid. Georgia Isn’t Helping Them Get It.

A 5-year-old program to help young people aging out of foster care offers millions of dollars in rent support. Some states have tapped hundreds of vouchers. Georgia has received just eight.

What’s Next for U.S. Immigration Policy on the Southern Border?

ProPublica and The Texas Tribune talked with experts about U.S. border policies that contributed to a deadly detention center fire in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and why immigration has become a leading concern in a presidential election year.

Justice Clarence Thomas Acknowledges He Should Have Disclosed Free Trips From Billionaire Donor

The trips include vacations in Indonesia and at the exclusive, men’s-only Bohemian Grove retreat, which were first reported by ProPublica last year.

A Bottled Water Company in Michigan Is Still Extracting Millions of Gallons of Water for Free

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer had pledged to crack down on bottled water companies taking water at the same time Flint, Michigan, faced a water crisis. Six years later and in her second term, little has changed.

How Illinois’ Hands-Off Approach to Homeschooling Leaves Children at Risk

At 9 years old, L.J. started missing school. His parents said they would homeschool him. It took two years — during which he was beaten and denied food — for anyone to notice he wasn’t learning.

What Donald Trump’s Criminal Trial Reveals About a Potential Second Trump Administration

The picture that emerged in the New York courtroom was of a person on top of details, aware of what his team is doing. Along with outside events, it suggests Trump will be even less constricted by rules and norms than he was before.

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