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The Year After a Denied Abortion

Tennessee law prohibits women from having abortions in nearly all circumstances. But once the babies are here, the state provides little help. We followed one family as they struggled to make it.

Oregon’s Drug Decriminalization Aimed to Make Cops a Gateway to Rehab, Not Jail. State Leaders Failed to Make It Work.

Just over three years since Oregon voters passed Ballot Measure 110, elected officials want to repeal key elements, blaming the law for open drug use and soaring overdoses. But it’s their own hands-off approach that isn’t working, advocates say.

El Departamento de Justicia trabaja con un sheriff de Wisconsin para eliminar las barreras lingüísticas

Una investigación de ProPublica en el Condado de Dane de Wisconsin reveló cómo las barreras lingüísticas y los errores de una oficial la llevaron a culpar erróneamente a un obrero de una granja lechera por la muerte de su hijo.

After Seeing Controversial Contract-for-Deed Home Sales Affect Constituents, Minnesota Lawmakers Propose Reforms

The state legislators said the home deals had harmed members of the Somali community in and around the Twin Cities. Some buyers have lost their homes.

Why ProPublica Focuses on Issues You May Not See on Cable News

ProPublica’s mission statement encourages “using the moral force of investigative journalism to spur reform through the sustained spotlighting of wrongdoing.” Recently, that impact has been significant — and a bright spot in a dark media landscape.

The DOJ Is Working With a Wisconsin Sheriff to Improve How Deputies Communicate With People Who Don’t Speak English

A ProPublica investigation in Wisconsin’s Dane County revealed how a grammatical mistake in Spanish led sheriff’s deputies to wrongly blame a Nicaraguan dairy worker for his son’s death.

Idaho Legislature Takes Up Bill to Help School Districts Repair and Replace Buildings

The bill would provide $1.5 billion in new funding in a state where communities have struggled to pass bonds even as some students learn in freezing and overcrowded classrooms with leaky ceilings and discolored drinking water.

FDA Repeatedly Rejected Safety Claims Made by Philips After the CPAP Recall but Waited to Alert the Public, Emails Show

As Philips reassured patients that millions of recalled machines were safe, internal emails show federal regulators privately told the company its testing didn’t account for the impact of long-term harm from tainted devices.

El presidente mexicano López Obrador atacó nuestro artículo como “una calumnia” y a nuestro reportero como “un peón.” Aquí presentamos algunos hechos.

Después de que escribimos sobre una supuesta donación de un cártel a la campaña de 2006 del presidente mexicano, López Obrador ha atacado a nuestro reportero Tim Golden. Golden no va a contestar preguntas en una conferencia de prensa de AMLO, pero aquí respondemos a algunas.

Mexican President López Obrador Called Our Story “Slander” and Our Reporter a “Pawn.” Here Are Some Facts.

After we wrote about a suspected cartel donation to the Mexican president’s 2006 campaign, he’s gone on the attack against reporter Tim Golden. Golden won’t be attending AMLO’s press conferences, but here, we respond to some of his questions.

In Crisis, She Went to an Illinois Facility. Two Years Later, She Still Isn’t Able to Leave.

The state of Illinois is asking for the end of court oversight of its system of care for people with developmental disabilities. But some advocates say it’s too soon.

Check Your State: Here Are the Active Shooter Training Requirements for Schools and Law Enforcement

No states mandate annual active shooter training for police officers, according to an analysis by ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and FRONTLINE. In comparison, at least 37 states require such training in schools, typically on a yearly basis.

Bused From Texas to Manhattan, an Immigrant Struggles to Find Shelter

Rogelio Ramon crossed the border into El Paso and found himself with no options except a bus to Manhattan. Once in New York, he was at the mercy of a system that struggles to shelter the hundreds of migrants who arrive in the city each day.

“Disenfranchisement and Chaos”: The Supreme Court Hears Pivotal Case on Whether Trump Is Eligible to Run for President

Scholars say the case could have far-reaching consequences, even if the justices don’t throw Trump off the ballot.

Proposed Wage Theft Legislation Would Strip Violators of Their Ability to Do Business in New York

“We did not have the data to understand the scale of the issue in New York State until the ProPublica and Documented series came out last year,” state Sen. Jessica Ramos said.

Senate Investigation “Casts Fresh Doubt” About the Validity of Harlan Crow’s Yacht Tax Deductions

In their extensive probe, Senate investigators found evidence to suggest Crow has made repeated misrepresentations to the U.S. government. ProPublica revealed the tax maneuvers in a previous story.

Nevada Republicans’ Caucus Adds Chaos and Confusion to the State’s Presidential Primary

While legal, the party’s decision to host a competing contest to the Feb. 6 primary election has angered GOP voters and provided fertile ground for misinformation to take hold, experts say, undermining voters’ trust in the process.

Mexican President Demands Apology From Biden After ProPublica Story on Suspected Cartel Campaign Donation

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of Mexico calls a ProPublica reporter a “mercenary” after our report on a DEA investigation that found drug money may have played a role in his first presidential campaign.

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