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Looking Up an NYPD Officer’s Discipline Record? Many Are There One Day, Gone the Next.

The police department’s public site for tracking officers’ discipline is shockingly unreliable, a ProPublica analysis found. Cases against officers frequently vanish for days — sometimes weeks — at a time.

Blinken Says Israeli Units Accused of Serious Violations Have Done Enough to Avoid Sanctions. Experts and Insiders Disagree.

The secretary of state told Congress that Israel had adequately punished a soldier who got community service for killing an unarmed Palestinian. Government officials call it a “mockery” and inconsistent with the law.

This School for Autistic Youth Can Cost $573,200 a Year. It Operates With Little Oversight, and Students Have Suffered.

No state agency has authority over Shrub Oak, one of the country's most expensive therapeutic boarding schools. As a result, parents and staff have nowhere to report bruised students and medication mix-ups.

Facing Unchecked Syphilis Outbreak, Great Plains Tribes Sought Federal Help. Months Later, No One Has Responded.

The syphilis rate among Indigenous people in the Great Plains is higher than at any point in 80 years of records. More than 3% of Native American babies born in South Dakota last year had the preventable and curable — but potentially fatal — disease.

ProPublica Wins Pulitzer Prize for Supreme Court Coverage

The award marks ProPublica’s 7th Pulitzer; Uvalde shooting investigation is named a Pulitzer finalist.

Oil Companies Contaminated a Family Farm. The Courts and Regulators Let the Drillers Walk Away.

The oil and gas industry has reaped profits without ensuring there will be money to plug and clean up their wells. In Oklahoma, that work could cost more than $7 billion if it falls to the state.

Ten Years After the Flint Water Crisis, Distrust and Anger Linger

A city is forever changed, and so is residents’ relationship with their water. The betrayal of trust by the institutions meant to protect Flint’s residents has made some of them extra cautious as they look to keep themselves and their community safe.

More States Are Allowing Child Support Payments to Reach Children

Since a ProPublica investigation found that states were seizing child support headed to families as reimbursement for the mother having received welfare, at least six states have changed their policies. Others are debating doing the same.

“The Right Way”: From Venezuela to Juárez and New York to Denver, One Family’s Asylum Journey

The Pabón family is among the nearly 8 million Venezuelans who have fled their country. “The Right Way” documentary follows them as they begin a life in the U.S. and journey through an asylum system buckling under record numbers of new arrivals.

Sports Team Owners Face New Scrutiny From IRS Over Tax Avoidance

A new campaign by the tax agency comes after ProPublica revealed how billionaires generate what can be hundreds of millions in tax savings by purchasing professional sports teams.

EPA Proposes Ban on Pesticide Widely Used on Fruits and Vegetables

The ban on acephate comes a week after a ProPublica investigation highlighted the EPA’s controversial finding that the bug killer doesn’t harm the developing brains of children.

Transgender Care Coverage Policies in North Carolina and West Virginia Are Discriminatory, Court Rules

The states violated federal law by banning coverage of certain treatments for transgender people but allowing it for others, according to a decision that could influence courts around the country.

Biden Was Warned U.S. Border Policies Made Tragedy Inevitable. Then a Deadly Fire Broke Out.

A year ago, 40 men were killed in one of the deadliest incidents involving immigrants in Mexico’s history. A ProPublica-Texas Tribune examination shows that landmark shifts in U.S. border policies helped sow the seeds of a tragedy.

FDA Moves to Scrutinize Specialized Health Screenings

The agency issued a rule that brings new scrutiny to a range of critical lab-developed tests, including certain cancer and prenatal screenings. ProPublica previously reported how lab-test accuracy and marketing had skirted federal oversight.

Philips Agrees to Pay $1 Billion to Patients Who Say They Were Injured by Breathing Machines

The proposed settlement will effectively end more than 700 lawsuits filed after the 2021 recall of millions of the company’s widely used sleep apnea devices and ventilators.

States Across the Country Are Reforming Guardianship. New York Is Not One of Them.

New York’s system for caring for the sick and elderly is in shambles, experts say. But while lawmakers in other states are overhauling their approaches to guardianship, New York only budgeted $1 million to address its deep-seated problems.

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