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Ryan Knutson was an intern at ProPublica. A graduate of the University of Oregon, he's written for The Wall Street Journal, The Oregonian and The Daily Graphic of Ghana. He's also spent time as a radio reporter for OPBNews in Portland, Ore.

Despite Legislation, Misleading RNC 'Census' Mailers Continue

The Republican National Committee continues to exploit a loophole in the law with fundraising mailers sent under the guise of the census. Congress has passed another bill to stop the practice, but President Obama hasn't signed it yet.

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Gov't Loan Mod Program Leaves Some Homeowners Worse Off

When some candidates are booted from a home loan modification trials, they discover they owe more than if they had never had a modification at all – even if they kept up with the payments.

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New Tricks for Those Republican ‘Census’ Mailers

After the Republican National Committee used a fake census form to try to raise money, Congress passed a law aimed at eliminating such tactics. But the RNC has found a way around it, and the mailings continue.

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Merrill Lynch Did a Deal ‘Precisely’ Like Goldman's, Suit Asserts

Merrill Lynch and the Dutch bank Rabobank, which has sued Merrill over a failed CDO deal, have been sending dueling letters to a judge about whether Merrill's actions were similar to the ones that led to fraud charges against Goldman Sachs.

Senators Call for Changes to Troubled, Costly Afghan Police Training Program

Officials from the State and Defense Departments are questioned at a hearing about the disastrous effort to train Afghan police. The Defense Department's inspector general says, "Everything that could go wrong here, has gone wrong."

No Matter What Happens, Paterson Gets His Pension

No matter what happens to Gov. David Paterson or any of his aides who have resigned or may resign, they will all still be entitled to their state pensions. The New York State Constitution has protected pensions for state employees since 1940, though there are moves to change that.

Map: Fundraising Requests as 'Census' Surveys

Follow up: The Faux Census Surveys You Received

We recently wrote about a fake "Census" survey that was really a Republican National Committee fundraising mailing. Since then we've been pointed to other official-sounding surveys that are actually fundraising requests.

Stimulus Speed Chart

Just how fast are federal agencies getting stimulus money out the door?

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