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Finding Oscar

The Aftermath of a Brutal Massacre

In 1982 amid Guatemala’s civil war, 20 army commandos invaded Dos Erres disguised as rebels. The squad members, or Kaibiles, killed more than 250 people. Only a handful survived. One, a 3-year-old boy, was abducted by a Kaibil officer and raised by his family. It took 30 years for Oscar Alfredo Ramírez Castañeda to learn the truth.

Federal Agents Arrest a Former Guatemalan Soldier Charged With Massacring Civilians

A Commander of the Dos Erres Massacre Squad Gets 10 Years in Prison

‘Nos Ordenaron que Matáramos a Toda la Gente’

‘They Ordered Us To Kill All The People’

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The Dos Erres Fugitives

Como un Presunto Criminal de Guerra Logró Hacerse Ciudadano en Estados Unidos y Canadá

How an Accused Guatemalan War Criminal Won U.S., Canadian Citizenship

Guatemalan Massacre Survivor Wins Political Asylum in U.S.

Immigration Charges For Accused Commando In Dos Erres Massacre

Video: Oscar Reunites With His Father

Separated By Massacre, a Father And Son Reunite Three Decades Later

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How We Reported Oscar’s Story

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The Faces of Dos Erres

Finding Oscar: Massacre, Memory and Justice in Guatemala