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Disaster in the Pacific

Death and Neglect in the 7th Fleet

Broken ships. Poor training. Ignored warnings. Multiple tragedies. The world’s most powerful armada in decline.

U.S. Marine Corps Concludes Its Investigation Into a Fatal 2018 Midair Crash Was Inaccurate

ProPublica and Local Reporting Partner Anchorage Daily News Win Pulitzer Prizes for National Reporting and Public Service

It’s Hardly Shocking the Navy Fired a Commander for Warning of Coronavirus Threat. It’s Part of a Pattern.

After Discovering a Sailor With Coronavirus, the U.S. Navy Crowded Dozens Into One Room

Warship Accidents Left Sailors Traumatized. The Navy Struggled to Treat Them.

17 Sailors and Six Marines Died in Avoidable Accidents. Congress Questions Whether the Problems Have Been Fixed.

A Preventable Disaster Killed Six Marines. After Our Story, Congress Has Questions for Military Leaders.

Trump Says U.S. Is Ready for War. Not All His Troops Are So Sure.

Adrift: How the Marine Corps Failed Squadron 242

The Men Who Lost Their Lives When Their Tanker Went Down in a Doomed Military Training Flight

How We Reconstructed the Flawed Navigation Controls Behind the Navy’s Worst Maritime Accident in 40 Years

Blame Over Justice: The Human Toll of the Navy’s Relentless Push to Punish One of Its Own

Iran Has Hundreds of Naval Mines. U.S. Navy Minesweepers Find Old Dishwashers and Car Parts.

Trump Keeps Talking About the Last Military Standoff With Iran — Here’s What Really Happened

Sailors Report Enduring Concerns About Navy Readiness and Leadership

The Salty Curmudgeon and the BIC

How the Navy’s Top Commander Botched the Highest-Profile Investigation in Years

An Admiral Told a Senator Most Navy Reforms Were “Complete.” Navy’s No. 2 Says Otherwise.

Navy Leaders Taken to Task by Lawmakers, Including One Who Was Grilling a Former Boss

Help Us Find Out Whether Navy Reforms Are Actually Making a Difference

Navy Promised Changes After Deadly Accidents, but Many Within Doubt It’s Delivering on Them

Investigation of Disasters Sparks Debate Over Navy’s Readiness and Responsibilities

Senate Committee Grills Navy Official Over 2017 Collisions, Seeking Data to Prove Conditions Have Changed

In Navy Disasters, Neglect, Mistakes, and 17 Lost Sailors

How We Investigated the Navy’s Twin Disasters in the Pacific