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Nuclear Safety

After Fukushima

We are tracking the nuclear disaster in Japan, and looking at questions about nuclear safety in the U.S. and elsewhere.

Nuclear Safety: The Story So Far

Whistleblowers Say Nuclear Regulatory Commission Watchdog Is Losing Its Bite

NRC Panel Calls for Safety Upgrade After Fukushima

Nuclear Plants and Disasters: NRC Inspection Results

Nuke Plant Inspections Find Flaws in Disaster Readiness

Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chief Blasts Agency’s Approach to Fire Safety

Electrical Fire Knocks Out Spent Fuel Cooling at Nebraska Nuke Plant

Editor's Note on Our Investigation Into Fire Risks at Nuclear Power Plants

NRC Waives Enforcement of Fire Rules at Nuclear Plants

U.S. Nuclear Plants Drafting Customized Fire Plans

Safety Reviewers Raise Questions About Construction of New Nuclear Fuel Plant

U.S. Nuclear Regulator Lets Industry Help With the Fine Print

House Calls for Drastic Cuts in Hospital Preparedness Funding

U.S. Nuclear-Disaster Preparedness Hobbled by Uncertain Chain of Command

U.S. Health Care System Unprepared for Major Nuclear Emergency

While Nuclear Waste Piles Up in U.S., Billions in Fund to Handle It Sit Unused

Even In Worst Case, Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Will Have Limited Reach

Our Quick Guide to Nuclear Plant Safety: What Could Go Wrong?

Six Ways Fukushima is Not Chernobyl

Congressman: U.S. May Not Be Prepared to Respond to Nuclear Disaster

Our Reading List for Following Nuclear News From Japan

Spent Fuel Now Focus at Japanese Reactor, Highlighting Concerns About Plant Design

Status of Spent Nuclear Fuel in Question at Crippled Japanese Power Plant

Iodine Pills Distributed in Japan Offer Limited Protection From Effects of Radiation

Can U.S. Nuclear Plants Handle a Major Natural Disaster?