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Health Care

When Caregivers Harm

America’s Unwatched Nurses

California nurses accused of serious wrongdoing have often been left free to practice for years while their cases were being investigated — with patients unaware of the danger. And the problem goes beyond California: Many health workers who are disciplined in one state simply move to another and start with a clean license.

Impact of Our Reporting

When Caregivers Harm

State Audit Slams New York’s Oversight of Nurses

Echoing the findings of a 2016 ProPublica investigation, New York’s comptroller says the state does not investigate complaints swiftly and lets nurses with criminal records retain their licenses.

New York Lawmakers Race to Toughen Oversight of Nurses and Other Professionals

NY Lawmakers Discuss Tougher Oversight for Nurses

Cuomo Floats Reforming Oversight of New York Nurses

Weak Oversight Lets Dangerous Nurses Work in New York

Troubled Health-Care Staffing Chain Settles With Government for $150 Million

States Fail to Report Disciplined Caregivers to Federal Database

Troubled Nurses Skip from State to State Under Compact

California Eyes Discipline for 2,000 Nurses Sanctioned by Other States

When Caregivers Harm: The Story So Far

Union Pressure Exacts a Toll on California Bill to Overhaul Health Care Oversight

Unions Take Fire at Bill to Revamp California Health Care Oversight

Why We’re Giving Away Our Reporting Recipe

Feds Reassign Heads of Troubled Caregivers Database

Tracking Nurses -- What You Need to Know

Introducing Our State-by-State Guide to Dangerous Nurses

Dangerous Caregivers Missing From Federal Database

Inept Nurses Free to Work in New Locales

Dozens of Criminal Registered Nurses Identified by California Regulators

Calif. Registered Nursing Board Follows Up on Our Nurses Stories

A 'Crazy' Way for an Industry to Operate

Temp Firms a Magnet for Unfit Nurses

California Adopts Stricter Rules for Drug Abusers in the Health Industry

Reform of California Nursing Board's Discipline System Shows Early Progress

Schwarzenegger Wants Sweeping Reforms in Discipline System for Health Care Providers

California Will Require Criminal Background Checks Before Granting Temporary Licenses to Nurses

State Board Seeks Swifter Action Against Errant Nurses

Loose Reins on Nurses in Drug Abuse Program

After Nurses Investigation, Scrutiny Turns to Other Calif. Health Boards

More Nurses Fallout: Head of Investigations Unit Resigns

California Nursing Board Executive Officer Ruth Ann Terry Resigns

Schwarzenegger Replaces Most of State Nursing Board

Troubled Nursing Board Defends Itself

Sanctioned California Nurses Database

When Caregivers Harm: Problem Nurses Stay on the Job as Patients Suffer

Board Takes No Public Action Against Some King/Drew Nurses

Spencer Sullivan: His Body a Prison

Veronica Glaubach: Joy of Birth, Then Tragedy

Many California Health Workers Not Checked for Criminal Pasts

Board Knew of Nurses' Criminal Records But Took Years to Act

California Nursing Board Will Require Fingerprints From All Licensees

Criminal Past Is No Bar to Nursing in California