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Civil Rights

Walking While Black

Pedestrian Enforcement and Racial Profiling

Race can affect the enforcement of laws on a wide range of ordinary conduct, from driving to bicycling. Here’s our look at whether that kind of profiling is taking place with Jacksonville’s pedestrian statutes.

Impact of Our Reporting

Walking While Black

Jacksonville City Council President and Local Public Defender Call for Suspension of Pedestrian Ticket Writing

A legal bulletin by the Jacksonville state attorney supports the finding that sheriff’s officers have been issuing hundreds of tickets in error, a disproportionate number of them to blacks.

Walking While Black

Sheriff’s Office Directs Officers Not to Ticket Pedestrians for Failing to Carry ID

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has told its officers not to ticket pedestrians for not carrying a driver’s license and is voiding six such citations it erroneously issued.

Walking While Black

Local Lawmakers and Civil Rights Groups Call for Suspending Pedestrian Tickets in Jacksonville

Concerns about targeted enforcement against African Americans come after a Florida Times-Union/ProPublica investigation.

ProPublica’s “Lost Mothers” and “Walking While Black” Named NABJ Awards Finalists

Jacksonville Sheriff Uses Misleading Data to Defend Pedestrian Ticketing

NAACP Legal Defense Fund in Jacksonville Over Pedestrian Ticket Enforcement

Jacksonville Sheriff Admits Race May Have Played a Role in Ticket Writing

Sheriff’s Officers Working Black Section of Jacksonville to Get Bias Training

Jacksonville Sheriff Criticizes Our Reporting. We Respond.

Florida Police Issue Hundreds of Bad Pedestrian Tickets Every Year Because They Don’t Seem to Know the Law

Pedestrian Tickets Lead to Hundreds of Suspended Driver’s Licenses

One Officer, Scores of Tickets and a Familiar Racial Disparity

Walking While Black

The Ticketed Feel Targeted

How We Calculated the Risks of Walking While Black

How (Not) to Cross the Street in Jacksonville

Walking While Black