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Racial Justice

Examining Race and Racism in America

376 stories published since 2008

Racial Disparity in Presidential Pardons: What Can Be Done?

Parsing Presidential Pardons

Timeline: A History of Pardons

The Kind of Journalism That Demands Action

How ProPublica Analyzed Pardon Data

Presidential Pardons Heavily Favor Whites

How We Analyzed Pardons

Perspectives on Pardons

Contrasting Colors, Contrasting Results

Villages Testify to Disparity in Benefits Alaska Native Corporations Provide

Alaska Native Firms Shift Stimulus Work to Outsiders

Podcast: Investigating the Alaska Native Corporations

What Are Alaska Native Corporations?

Rampant Fraud, Self-Dealing Alleged in Alaska Native Corporation

Revenues for ANCs Skyrocket, but Not Payouts to Natives

Man Indicted for Alleged Racial Attack in Post-Katrina New Orleans

Justice Department Opens Probe of NOPD

Air Marshals Dogged by Discrimination Complaints in Field Offices

Are Minorities Getting Their Share of the Stimulus Dough?

FBI Opens Inquiry Into Death of Henry Glover

Study Links Poorer Hospital Care to Racial Segregation

Update: New Orleans Police 'Looking Into' Katrina Vigilantism

Post-Katrina, White Vigilantes Shot African-Americans With Impunity

Post-Katrina, White Vigilantes Shot African-Americans With Impunity

Exploring the AMA's History of Discrimination

Employee Sues Justice Department, Cites Discrimination in Civil Rights Division