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Inside the Border Patrol

Enforcing Trump’s Crackdown

The Border Patrol is the nation’s largest law enforcement agency, with some 20,000 members. But even as its power grows, it has largely evaded close scrutiny.

Impact of Our Reporting

Zero Tolerance

Six Children Died in Border Patrol Care. Democrats in Congress Want to Know Why.

Video obtained by ProPublica contradicted the Border Patrol’s account of 16-year-old Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez’s death. Now, House Democrats are pressuring the agency to explain why six migrant children died under its care in less than a year.

Inside the Border Patrol

Revelations About a Secret Facebook Group Spawn Investigation of 70 Current and Former Border Patrol Employees

Top officials with Customs and Border Protection said the investigation was prompted by revelations that agents had posted racist and misogynistic Facebook memes. But they declined to say whether any top officials have been suspended from duty.

House Committee to Subpoena Records on Discipline Related to Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group

After a Year of Investigation, the Border Patrol Has Little to Say About Agents’ Misogynistic and Racist Facebook Group

The FBI Is Investigating Massive Embezzlement of Border Patrol Union Funds

A Group of Agents Rose Through the Ranks to Lead the Border Patrol. They’re Leaving It in Crisis.

Border Patrol Officials Dodged Congress’ Questions About Migrant Children’s Deaths

Balancing the Public Interest and a Family’s Grief

Dentro de la celda donde murió el adolescente guatemalteco bajo custodia de la Patrulla Fronteriza

Carlos’ Family Objects to Publication of Video Detailing His Death

Inside the Cell Where a Sick 16-Year-Old Boy Died in Border Patrol Care

New Video Shows Border Patrol Account of Child’s Death Was Not True

Border Agents Can Now Get Classified Intelligence Information. Experts Call That Dangerous.

El caso que hizo que una exabogada de ICE se diera cuenta de que el gobierno se estaba basando en “pruebas” falsas contra los migrantes

“Dirtbag,” “Savages,” “Subhuman”: A Border Agent’s Hateful Career and the Crime That Finally Ended It

The Case That Made an Ex-ICE Attorney Realize the Government Was Relying on False “Evidence” Against Migrants

Un agente de la Patrulla Fronteriza revela la realidad de ser guardia de niños migrantes

A Border Patrol Agent Reveals What It’s Really Like to Guard Migrant Children

Border Patrol Official Circulates Article That Deems Our Reporting on Secret Facebook Group a Threat

Border Patrol Agents Are Passing Around A Commemorative Coin Mocking Care for Migrant Kids

Immigration Officials Use Secretive Gang Databases to Deny Migrant Asylum Claims

En un grupo secreto en Facebook, agentes de la Patrulla Fronteriza se burlan de inmigrantes muertos y publican memes sexistas

Investigation of Secret Border Patrol Group Launched as New Degrading Facebook Posts Surface

Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes

Years Ago, the Border Patrol’s Discipline System Was Denounced as “Broken.” It’s Still Not Fixed.

Over 200 Allegations of Abuse of Migrant Children; 1 Case of Homeland Security Disciplining Someone