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Health Care

Pulling Back the Curtain on the Health Industry and Regulation

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Their Families Said They Needed Treatment. Mississippi Officials Threw Them in Jail Without Charges.

Maternal Deaths Are Expected to Rise Under Abortion Bans, but the Increase May Be Hard to Measure

Hospices in Four States to Receive Extra Scrutiny Over Concerns of Fraud, Waste and Abuse

¿Tiene una arteria bloqueada en la pierna? Esto es lo que debe saber.

¿Tiene experiencia con la enfermedad arterial periférica? ¿Ha tenido un procedimiento en su pierna? Cuéntenos al respecto.

Cenas con bistec, representantes de ventas y procedimientos riesgosos: Dentro del gran negocio de las arterias obstruidas

En el “salvaje oeste” de la atención vascular ambulatoria, los médicos pueden obtener grandes pagos a medida que los pacientes arriesgan la vida y las extremidades

How to Use the Updated “Nursing Home Inspect” Database

We Updated “Nursing Home Inspect.” Here’s What Changed.

Blocked Artery in Your Leg? Here’s What You Should Know.

How Often Do Health Insurers Say No to Patients? No One Knows.

The Group That Governs U.S. Transplant Policies Voted to Require Testing of At-Risk Organ Donors for Chagas Disease

Inside the Preventable Deaths That Happened Within a Prominent Transplant Center

In the “Wild West” of Outpatient Vascular Care, Doctors Can Reap Huge Payments as Patients Risk Life and Limb

As Residential Care Homes Expand in Maine, Seniors Don’t Always Get the Care They Need

Hospitals in Two States Denied an Abortion to a Miscarrying Patient. Investigators Say They Broke Federal Law.

Congressional Committee, Regulators Question Cigna System That Lets Its Doctors Deny Claims Without Reading Patient Files

Minnesota Board of Nursing Executive Director Steps Down Amid Accusations of Mismanagement

Churches’ Role in Local Election Prompts Calls for Investigations

The Shadowy Financial Empire Built Around Liberty HealthShare Is Showing Signs of Strain

Coverage of Gender-Affirming Care Is an Unequal Patchwork

Health Insurance Claim Denied? See What Insurers Said Behind the Scenes

What You Need to Know About Stillbirths

How South Carolina Ended Up With an All-Male Supreme Court

After Pandemic Delays, FDA Still Struggling to Inspect Foreign Drug Manufacturers

Utah’s Secretive Medical Malpractice Panels Make It Even Harder to Sue Providers

Minnesota Lets Nurses Practice While Disciplinary Investigations Drag On. Patients Keep Getting Hurt.

How Abortion Bans Are Impacting Pregnant Patients Across the Country

How Cigna Saves Millions by Having Its Doctors Reject Claims Without Reading Them

Federal Study Calls U.S. Stillbirth Rate “Unacceptably High” and Recommends Action

Have You Faced Barriers to Getting Gender-Affirming Care? Help Us Investigate.

This Georgia County Spent $1 Million to Avoid Paying for One Employee’s Gender-Affirming Care

Au bord de la catastrophe

Ayude a ProPublica y The Salt Lake Tribune a investigar las agresiones sexuales en Utah

94 mujeres alegan que un médico de Utah las agredió sexualmente. Esta es la razón por la que un juez desestimó su caso.

Doctors Warned Her Pregnancy Could Kill Her. Then Tennessee Outlawed Abortion.

How Obamacare Enabled a Multibillion-Dollar Christian Health Care Cash Grab

Minnesota May Chart Its Own Path Dealing With Anti-Abortion Counseling Centers

On the Edge

Help Us Report on Assisted Living Facilities in Maine

A Christian Health Nonprofit Saddled Thousands With Debt as It Built a Family Empire Including a Pot Farm, a Bank and an Airline

Tennessee Lobbyists Oppose New Lifesaving Exceptions in Abortion Ban

Legislators Demand Hearings on Illinois Mental Health Facility Where Staff Abused Patients and Covered It Up

Help ProPublica and The Salt Lake Tribune Investigate Sexual Assault in Utah

94 Women Allege a Utah Doctor Sexually Assaulted Them. Here’s Why a Judge Threw Out Their Case.

Regulators Overhaul Inspections of Hospice Providers

Senators Demand Answers About “Alarming” Reports of Excessive and Risky Artery Procedures on Veterans

Do You Have Experience With Peripheral Artery Disease? Have You Had a Procedure on Your Leg? Tell Us About It.

Steak Dinners, Sales Reps and Risky Procedures: Inside the Big Business of Clogged Arteries

New Report Says Nurses at Illinois Facility Forced Patients to Dig Through Their Own Feces