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Racial Justice

Examining Race and Racism in America

377 stories published since 2008

Digital Jail: How Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt

Inside the Secret Border Patrol Facebook Group Where Agents Joke About Migrant Deaths and Post Sexist Memes

How a Top Chicken Company Cut Off Black Farmers, One by One

How to Clean Up the “Hot Mess” That Is Chicago’s Ticketing and Debt Collection Practices — According to a City Task Force

A Lawsuit Over Ferguson’s “Debtors Prison” Drags On

“Enough Is Enough”: Native Leaders Ask William Barr to Help Fix Alaska’s Law Enforcement Crisis

Separated by Design: How Some of America’s Richest Towns Fight Affordable Housing

New York City’s Early Voting Plan Will Favor White, Affluent Voters, Advocacy Groups Say

“I Now Have the Perspective of Both Sides”: 18 Voting Officials Take Civil Rights Tour

More Than Me Still Lacks Adequate Systems to Protect Children in Its Care, New Report Says

What Will Come of the More Than Me Rape Scandal?

More Than Me Founder and CEO Katie Meyler Resigns

TSA Agents Say They’re Not Discriminating Against Black Women, But Their Body Scanners Might Be

HUD Sues Facebook Over Housing Discrimination and Says the Company’s Algorithms Have Made the Problem Worse

Facebook Won’t Let Employers, Landlords or Lenders Discriminate in Ads Anymore

The Tragedy of Baltimore

The Ticket Trap: Front to Back

Chicago Public Schools Monitored Social Media for Signs of Violence, Gang Membership

“Get Out”: Black Families Harassed in Their Own Homes

U.S. to Investigate Discrimination Against Native American Students on Montana Reservation

6 Young Men, Given Adult Sentences for “Minor” Infractions, Are Freed in Illinois

District of Despair: On a Montana Reservation, Schools Favor Whites Over Native Americans

On a Reservation, a Second Chance for Prisoners and Their Warden

He Drew His School Mascot — and ICE Labeled Him a Gang Member

Documenting Hate in America: What We Found in 2018

Chicago Task Force Will Take on Ticket and Debt Collection Reform

Chicago Throws Out 23,000 Duplicate Tickets Issued Since 1992 to Motorists Who Didn’t Have Vehicle Stickers

“I Don’t Want to Shoot You, Brother”

Member of White Supremacist Group Pleads Guilty to Assaults at 2017 Rally

An Atomwaffen Member Sketched a Map to Take the Neo-Nazis Down. What Path Officials Took Is a Mystery.

Brothers Whom Authorities Linked to Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect Had Flyer Supporting Neo-Nazi Group, Officials Say

How HUD’s Inspection System Fails Low-Income Tenants Nationwide

Nearly All the Officers in Charge of an Indiana Police Department Have Been Disciplined — Including the Chief Who Keeps Promoting Them

Brothers Who Were Online Friends With Pittsburgh Shooting Suspect Had Ties to Violent Neo-Nazis

Chicago City Council Approves Modest First Reforms on Ticketing and Debt

Top Chicago Alderman Adds to Growing Momentum for Ticket and Debt Reform

Why Jeff Sessions’ Final Act Could Have More Impact Than Expected

These Voters Had to Wait for Hours: “It Felt Like a Type of Disenfranchisement”

Georgia Voters Face Hourslong Waits as State Scrambles to Accommodate Turnout

Houston Poll Worker Hurls Racist Remarks, Faces Criminal Charge

Chicago Considers Wiping Away Old Ticket Debt for Motorists Who File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Murder Charge Can’t Deter Sharpton’s Brother From Voting Rights Crusade

Chicago Alderman Proposes Reining in Ticket Penalties That Drove Thousands of Black Motorists Into Debt

Latina Is Asked “Are You Sure You Are a U.S. Citizen?” at Texas Polling Place

Reporting Recipe: How to Investigate Racial Disparities at Your School

More Than Me Addresses Inaccurate Tax Returns, Loses 2 Board Members, Has Funds Suspended by Donor

4 Members of Violent White Supremacist Group Face Riot Charges, Federal Authorities Say

Amid Protest in Liberia, Its Vice President Gets List of Demands About More Than Me

Explore Racial Disparities in Hundreds of Illinois Schools and Districts

Charlottesville’s Other Jim Crow Legacy: Separate and Unequal Education