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ProPublica Illinois

ProPublica will open its first regional publishing operation, ProPublica Illinois, with headquarters in Chicago, in 2017. Our plan is to publish investigative journalism on key issues across the state of Illinois and in the city of Chicago. Read the FAQ to learn more or apply for a job.

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Cook County Assessor Faces Questions About Property Tax Inequity

After reporting showed that Cook County’s property tax assessments punish the poor and reward the rich, Assessor Joseph Berrios is called before a public board to explain. Read the story.

Minority Neighborhoods Pay Higher Car Insurance Premiums Than White Areas With the Same Risk

Our analysis of premiums and payouts in California, Illinois, Texas and Missouri shows that some major insurers charge minority neighborhoods as much as 30 percent more than other areas with similar accident costs. Read the story.


Steve Mills to Join ProPublica Illinois as Deputy Editor

Mills comes to ProPublica Illinois from the Chicago Tribune, where he has worked for the past 23 years as an investigative reporter and editor. Read the announcement.

ProPublica Illinois Announces Additional News Hires

Mick Dumke, Logan Jaffe, and Sandhya Kambhampati are the latest additions to ProPublica’s Chicago-based regional unit. Read the announcement.

ProPublica Illinois Builds News Staff with Three Noted Journalists

Jodi S. Cohen and Jason Grotto are both joining the Chicago-based newsroom as reporters, and David Eads is joining as a news applications developer. Read the announcement.

ProPublica Illinois Partners with “Beyond Caring” Play on Chicago Temp Workers

Louise Kiernan Named Editor-in-Chief of ProPublica Illinois

Kiernan will build and manage a team of journalists for the Chicago-headquartered newsroom. Read the announcement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ProPublica Illinois?

With headquarters opening in Chicago in 2017, ProPublica Illinois will be our first regional publishing operation. Our plan is to cover stories with moral force that will be of particular interest to people living or working in the state of Illinois. Some of the reporting will undoubtedly be of broader interest regionally and nationally.  

How big will it be?

A search for an experienced Chicago-based editor is underway and, once that person is selected, we’ll begin hiring staff.  We envision a team of roughly 10 journalists, including an editor, reporters, a producer/designer and people who will work on data, social media, distribution and fundraising.  

Where will the stories appear?

We plan to build on the model that has proven successful at the national level, which means working with partners and building a robust web platform of our own. ProPublica’s national operation has more than 525,000 Twitter followers, 250,000 Facebook fans and email lists of more than 90,000. This has given us the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of readers, even when our stories appear without a publishing partner. Over time, we hope to build up a comparably robust regional audience for our Illinois-based work. We expect to build partnerships with area news organizations that can help our work reach wider audiences and achieve maximum impact.  

How will collaboration work with local news organizations?

As with ProPublica’s current operations, we anticipate a variety of possible collaborative models. Sometimes, we will co-publish ProPublica-written stories with local outlets. Other times, we might work directly with reporters at other organizations to develop investigations jointly. We also expect to create news apps based on state and local data that would spark reporting by other news organizations, giving our work a larger ripple effect.  

What is the funding model for this venture?

ProPublica Illinois is made possible in part by seed funding from the Ford Foundation and Emerson Collective. A local fundraising effort has begun and will accelerate in 2017. Ultimately, our aim is for the unit to be fully locally funded.  

What will be covered?

Broadly speaking, we will try to do stories that hold powerful institutions to account, from politics to government to business. We will take on stories that are not being covered by others, with an eye toward deep-dive reporting.

How can I apply for a job there?

See our Jobs page for more information.