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Under the Gun

How Gun Violence Is Impacting the Nation

As America emerged from the pandemic, communities continued to experience a rising tide of gun violence. School shootings and the rate of children and teens killed by gunfire both reached all-time highs since at least 1999. ProPublica’s coverage of gun violence reveals how first responders, policymakers and those directly affected are coping with the bloodshed.

Impact of Our Reporting

Under the Gun

Texas Judge Orders Release of Uvalde Shooting Records

For more than a year, the state Department of Public Safety has blocked the release of records that could offer more clarity into the police response. The agency can appeal the ruling.

Under the Gun

Texas Legislature Closes Gun Background Check Loophole

State lawmakers passed a bill requiring courts to report involuntary mental health hospitalizations of juveniles for inclusion in the federal gun background check system. The law closes a gap revealed by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune in 2022.

Under the Gun

Closing Critical Gun Background Check Loophole Gains Bipartisan Support in Texas

After a ProPublica-Texas Tribune investigation found courts failed to report juvenile mental health hospitalizations to the federal firearm background check system, lawmakers from both parties are backing bills to ensure compliance with the law.

Under the Gun

Hoping to Prevent Repeat of Botched Response to Uvalde, Lawmaker Calls for Improved Training for Police, EMTs

The proposed legislation comes after an investigation by ProPublica, The Texas Tribune and The Washington Post revealed that communication lapses among medical crews further delayed treatment for victims at Robb Elementary.

Indiana Lawmakers Trying to Kill Historic Suit Seeking Gun Industry Accountability

DOJ Blasts Law Enforcement’s Uvalde Shooting Response in New Report, Calls for Agencies to Prioritize Training

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“Someone Tell Me What to Do”

New Uvalde School Shooting Documentary and Investigation Reveal Details of Law Enforcement’s Flawed Response

How a Maine Businessman Made the AR-15 Into America’s Best-Selling Rifle

The Supreme Court Will Decide if Domestic Abuse Orders Can Bar People From Having Guns. Lives Could Be at Stake.

A Sweeping Report on a Michigan School Shooting Finds Multiple Failures and a Troubled Aftermath

How Tennessee’s Justice System Allows Dangerous People to Keep Guns — With Deadly Outcomes

Former Gun Company Executive Explains Roots of America’s Gun Violence Epidemic

Could a Michigan School Shooting Have Been Prevented? Families Still Waiting for a Full Accounting of What Happened.

Tennessee’s Governor Calls for Expanding a Gun Dispossession System Already Failing Domestic Violence Victims

“He Has a Battle Rifle”: Uvalde Police Waited to Enter Classroom, Fearing Firepower From Gunman’s AR-15

Uvalde District Attorney Fights Release of Public Records Against Wishes of Most Families

Texas Governor Says Most Gun Crimes Involve Illegally Owned Weapons. That’s Not True for Mass Shootings.

Despite Decades of Mass Shootings in Texas, Legislators Have Failed to Pass Meaningful Gun Control Laws

Can Community Programs Help Slow the Rise in Violence?

Records Reveal Medical Response Further Delayed Care for Uvalde Victims

Newly Obtained Uvalde 911 Calls Shed More Light on Botched Police Response

Texas State Police Deflect Blame, Downplay Their Role in Uvalde Shooting Failures

Why Outlawing Ghost Guns Didn’t Stop America’s Largest Maker of Ghost Gun Parts

News Organizations Sue Texas Department of Public Safety Over Withheld Uvalde Shooting Records

Critical Omissions Plague Texas Gun Background Check Law

Texas Agencies Fight Releasing Records That Could Help Clarify Response to Uvalde School Shooting

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