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A Closer Look

Examining the News

Impact of Our Reporting

A Closer Look

Loan Forgiveness for Disabled Borrowers Was 10 Years in the Making

At ProPublica, we measure our success by the tangible impact our stories have. Sometimes it takes more than a decade to see a flawed policy change.

A Closer Look

Local Accountability Journalism Still Has a Huge Impact

Between the Local Reporting Network and ProPublica Illinois, our work shows that state leaders across the country are listening and things can change.

Local Reporting Network

Why ProPublica Focuses on Issues You May Not See on Cable News

El presidente mexicano López Obrador atacó nuestro artículo como “una calumnia” y a nuestro reportero como “un peón.” Aquí presentamos algunos hechos.

Mexican President López Obrador Called Our Story “Slander” and Our Reporter a “Pawn.” Here Are Some Facts.

How Social Media Apps Could Be Fueling Homicides Among Young Americans

Behind the Scenes of Justice Alito’s Unprecedented Wall Street Journal Pre-buttal

Cómo alcanzamos a lectores en las granjas lecheras con un artículo sobre ellos

How We Reached Workers While Reporting on Dairy Farm Conditions

The Origins of Our Investigation Into Clarence Thomas’ Relationship With Harlan Crow

Regulatory Failure 101: What the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank Reveals

Impact Matters Most at ProPublica. Here’s How Our Recent Journalism Has Led to Change.

How ProPublica’s Local Stories Reach the Communities We Report On

What’s Really at Stake in a Politically Charged Supreme Court Case on Elections

What Will UnitedHealth’s New Trove of Claims Data Mean for Consumers?

How Effective Is the Government’s Campaign Against Hospital Mergers?

Tim Ryan: The Working-Class-Jobs Candidate in the Era of Resentment

For Donald Trump, Information Has Always Been Power

How We Fight Back When Officials Resist Releasing Information You Have a Right to Know

Why the Black Educator Forced Out Over Bogus Critical Race Theory Claims Agreed to Share Her Story

Will the Jan. 6 Hearings Change Anyone’s Mind?

Daniel Taylor Was Innocent. He Spent Decades in Prison Trying to Fix the State’s Mistake.

New Documents Show How Drug Companies Targeted Doctors to Increase Opioid Prescriptions

“If You’re Getting a W-2, You’re a Sucker”

How Reporters Reconstructed a Deadly Evacuation From Kabul

Welfare Is No Substitute for a Child Tax Credit

A Police Car Hit a Kid on Halloween 2019. The NYPD Is Quashing a Move to Punish the Officer.

One Major Reason the U.S. Hasn’t Stopped Syphilis From Killing Babies

The Billionaires Tax Isn’t New

Recent White House Study on Taxes Shows the Wealthy Pay a Lower Rate Than Everybody Else

The Inside Story of How We Reported the Secret IRS Files

Revisiting “The Year of the Spy”

The Investigative Reporting Behind America’s Obsession With Britney Spears’ Conservatorship

How NYPD’s Vice Unit Got Prostitution Policing All Wrong

How the Federal Reserve Is Increasing Wealth Inequality

What Police Impunity Looks Like: “There Was No Discipline as No Wrongdoing Was Found”

Lessons From Bessemer: What Amazon’s Union Defeat Means for the American Labor Movement

I Received Tips to Look Into How a Hospital Treated Premature Babies. Getting Data Was Nearly Impossible.

Why There’s So Much Investigative Journalism About Utility Companies

To Hold the Government Accountable, We Need to Know What It’s Doing. That’s Why We’re Tracking PPP Data.

Twenty-Six Words Created the Internet. What Will It Take to Save It?

Seeing the Pentagon Papers in a New Light

The Return of the Regulators

“We’ve Let the Worst Happen”: Reflecting on 400,000 Dead

Biden Inaugural Confronts the Jan. 6 Riot Head-On, Calls for an End to “This Uncivil War”

Donald Trump Built a National Debt So Big (Even Before the Pandemic) That It’ll Weigh Down the Economy for Years

The Enraging Deja Vu of a Third Coronavirus Wave

El mito del voto latino y lo que los medios pueden aprender del 2020

The Myth of the Latino Vote and What Newsrooms Must Learn From 2020

The Unexpected Benefits of Thinking for Yourself in an Age of Polling

Not Mentioned in Cuomo’s Coronavirus Book: How Many Nursing Home Residents Died in New York

The Fed Saved the Economy but Is Threatening Trillions of Dollars Worth of Middle-Class Retirement

America Is About to Lose Its 200,000th Life to Coronavirus. How Many More Have to Die?

What Can Mayors Do When the Police Stop Doing Their Jobs?

The CARES Act Sent You a $1,200 Check but Gave Millionaires and Billionaires Far More

The Bailout Is Working — for the Rich

I’m an Investigative Journalist. These Are the Questions I Asked About the Viral “Plandemic” Video.

Coronavirus Entered My Father’s Nursing Home and Nobody Warned Me. I Did Not Get the Chance to Save Him.

How the Coronavirus Bailout Repeats 2008’s Mistakes: Huge Corporate Payoffs With Little Accountability

The Real Story About Trump’s Latest Attack on the Press

Paratransit Services in New York City Are Severely Limited and Unpredictable. They Still Cost $614 Million a Year.

Iowa’s Lesson: Political Parties Are Not as Good as Government Officials at Counting Votes

We’ve Been Tracking Pharma Payments to Doctors For Nearly A Decade. We Just Made A Big Breakthrough.

Balancing the Public Interest and a Family’s Grief

University of Illinois Told Our Partners They Must Share Sexual Misconduct Tips With Campus Authorities. Here’s How We’re Protecting Our Sources.

Trump’s Ukraine Plotting Has Been Happening in Plain Sight. So Why Didn’t We See It?

Illinois Is Poised to Become the Gambling Capital of the Midwest

You Can’t Tax the Rich Without the IRS

How the Rich Really Play, “Who Wants To Be An Ivy Leaguer?”

What We Learned From the First Year of the Local Reporting Network

What I Learned Covering HUD: Oversight Failures Are Symptoms of Deeper Dysfunction

What Happens When the Next Financial Crisis Strikes?

Why Manafort and Cohen Thought They’d Get Away With It

Tax Case Flips the Script for Democrats and the GOP. But What About for Jurists?

A Free Press Works for All of Us

Why the IRS’ Recent Dark Money Decision May Be Less Dire Than It Seems

How the Fight Against Affirmative Action at Harvard Could Threaten Rich Whites

How Mitch McConnell Made Donald Trump

Jared Kushner’s Grandmother Bemoaned the “Closed Doors” That Faced Refugees to America

What It Was Like Reporting on a Teenager Marked for Death by the Gang MS-13

Warren Buffett Recommends Investing in Index Funds — But Many of His Employees Don’t Have That Option

How Senior Daddies — Like Donald Trump — Are Eligible for a Social Security Bonus

How Political Pessimism Helps Doom Tougher Gun Laws

Revelations About the FBI’s Delay on Clinton Emails May Be Less Than They Seem

Taking Care to Get a Mississippi Scandal Right

Carried Interest Reform Is a Sham

The Cost of Trump’s Wall Compared to the Programs He’s Proposing to Cut

A Closer Look: ‘The Best and the Brightest,’ Steve Bannon and Us

Donald Trump and the Return of Seditious Libel

A Schlupfloch Here, a Schlupfloch There. Now It’s Real Money.

An Unintended Side Effect of Transparency

Mexico Finds It Easier to Focus on Trump Than Its Own Failings

A Closer Look: I’m Not (Just) Your Paperboy

The Time a Newspaper Stared Down the Country's Largest Advertiser 

Let The Game of Whack-A-Mole Begin: Feds Put Forward New Payday Rules

How Crowdsourcing Helped Bring Red Cross Problems to Light

‘How Did You Start Investigating the Red Cross’: A Q & A With ProPublica Reporters

For the Next Attorney General, a Modest Suggestion: Fix Presidential Pardons

Analysis: Government's New Doctor Payments Website Worthy of a Recall

Paying Jabbar Collins $10 Million Doesn’t Address Problems With Prosecutors

A Closer Look: Three Golden Ages of Journalism?

Why Reporters in the U.S. Now Need Protection

How the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza Became a Mistaken Poster Boy for Obamacare

How the Feds Could Fix Their Glitchy Health Care Exchange

Nine Ideas to Make Tylenol and Other Acetaminophen Drugs Safer

Why We Published the Decryption Story

Why NSA Snooping Is Bigger Deal in Germany