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Brain Wars

How the Military Is Failing Its Wounded

While military statistics show that more than 115,000 soldiers have suffered mild traumatic brain injuries, unpublished research suggests that such injuries have gone undiagnosed in tens of thousands of troops. Even when the injuries are diagnosed, at one of the largest U.S. Army bases, soldiers have had to fight to get the appropriate care.

Army Study Finds Troops Suffer Concussions in Training

Aftershock: The Blast That Shook Psycho Platoon

One Soldier's Progress Against Traumatic Brain Injury

New Technologies in the Works to Detect Brain Injuries

Military Still Struggling to Treat Troops With Brain Injuries

Senator Wants Answers on Program to Test Soldiers for Brain Injuries

Congressman Slams Military Brain-Testing Program

Testing Program Fails Soldiers, Leaving Brain Injuries Undetected

Gov't Watchdog Criticizes Pentagon Center for PTSD, Brain Injuries

More Than Half of Recent War Vets Treated by VA Are Struggling With Mental Health Problems

New Survey: Few Troops Exposed to Bomb Blasts Are Screened For Concussion

Critical Shortage of Army Neurologists for U.S. Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan

Timeline: How One Blast Affected Five Soldiers

Army Plans New Guidelines to Resolve Denials of Purple Hearts to Brain-Injured Soldiers

A Partial Victory in Our FOIA Request — But Government Still Hasn’t Provided All the Records

Scientific Review Kicks Off to Weigh Treatment for Brain-Injured Soldiers

More Than 70 Members of Congress Demand Cognitive Treatment for Troops With Traumatic Brain Injuries

Congress to Investigate Pentagon Decision to Deny Coverage for Brain Injured Troops

American Legion Pushes For Coverage of Treatment for Troops With Brain Injuries

Pentagon Told Congress It's Studying Brain-Damage Therapy

For Brain-Injured Soldiers, Top Quality Care From a Philanthropist, not the Pentagon

Pentagon Health Plan Won't Cover Brain-Damage Therapy for Troops

How Our FOIA Request Was Blocked, and Why We're Still Pursuing It

Troubles Plague Top Job at Pentagon Office Overseeing Brain Injuries

Congresswoman Calls for Review of Purple Heart Decisions

Pentagon Spokesman Wrong on Purple Heart

Fact Sheet: Traumatic Brain Injury

Soldiers With Brain Trauma Denied Purple Hearts, Adding Insult to Injury

Rep. Teague Pledges Deeper Inquiry Into Treatment for Brain-Injured Soldiers

Fort Bliss Says It Will Examine Its Handling of Brain Injuries

Pentagon Shifts Its Story About Departure of Leader of Brain Injury Center

Pentagon Issues New Policy for Diagnosing and Treating Brain Injuries

Brain Wars: The Story So Far

Leader of Military’s Program to Treat Brain Injuries Steps Down Abruptly

Congress Questions Military Leaders on Suicides, Traumatic Brain Injury

Congress Demands Answers on Brain Injury Care at Texas Base

Soldier Brain Injuries to Get Senate Scrutiny After ProPublica, NPR Report

Top Officer Says Military Takes Brain Injuries 'Extremely Seriously'

At Fort Bliss, Brain Injury Treatments Can Be as Elusive as Diagnosis

After Our Investigation, Pentagon Puts Its Spin on Brain Injuries

Brain Injuries Remain Undiagnosed in Thousands of Soldiers

Traumatic Brain Injury in Theater: When Blasts Damage the Brain