With Every Breath

What You Need to Know About the Philips Respironics CPAP Recall

We found answers to some of the most critical questions about the ongoing recall of millions of CPAP machines, ventilators and other breathing devices.

Federal Scrutiny, Plunging Revenue Plague a Private College’s Attempt at a Turnaround

Baker College once was Michigan’s largest private nonprofit school, built on questionable promises of employment and cost. But a new school year brings a fresh host of financial and reputational problems.

With Every Breath

How We Investigated the Recall of Millions of Philips Breathing Machines

An international team of reporters reviewed thousands of records and interviewed insiders to expose what went wrong in the global corporation.

With Every Breath

Help ProPublica and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Investigate the Recall of Philips Respironics Breathing Machines

If you’ve reported a death or injury or struggled to get a device replaced, we’d like to hear about your experience with the company.

With Every Breath

Philips Kept Complaints About Dangerous Breathing Machines Secret While Company Profits Soared

Tainted CPAP machines and ventilators went to children, the elderly and at least 700,000 veterans despite internal warnings. Company insiders said the devices posed an “unacceptable” risk.

Chaos at the School Board

This Security Guard Enforced a School District’s Mask Mandate. He Ended Up Facing a Criminal Charge.

Parents protested a mask mandate at a Webster, New York, school board meeting. After Ken Mancini tried to enforce the policy, a parent he ejected pressed charges for harassment.

State of Disrepair

Idaho creó un fondo de $25 millones para reparar escuelas en mal estado. ¿Por qué nadie lo utiliza?

Hace aproximadamente una década, un distrito escolar acudió al estado en busca de fondos para reparar sus edificios en ruinas y obtuvo una fracción de lo que pidió. Desde entonces, ningún otro distrito ha hecho siquiera una solicitud.

Local Reporting Network

The TurboTax Trap

TurboTax Parent Company’s Latest Argument Against Free Tax Filing: It Will Harm Black Taxpayers

Articles published around the country repeat Intuit’s assertion — sometimes almost word for word — that the upcoming IRS pilot program would hurt Black Americans. A researcher whose work is cited by Intuit says the company is misstating her findings.

The Cleanup of Seattle’s Only River Could Cost Boeing and Taxpayers $1 Billion. Talks Over Who Will Pay Most Are Secret.

The company once described the Duwamish, one of the country’s most contaminated waterways, as “a natural collector” for its wastes. The Port of Seattle and Boeing accuse each other of failing to pay their fair shares for the cleanup.

Local Reporting Network

Massachusetts to Launch 90-Day Push to Fill Vacant State-Funded Apartments

The initiative follows a WBUR-ProPublica investigation that found nearly 2,300 unoccupied units, despite an enormous waitlist.

In Nasty Fight Over Election Maps, Wisconsin GOP Counters Threats to Its Power

Heavily redrawn election districts in the battleground state gave Republicans firm control of the legislature — and the leeway to move aggressively against officials and judges they perceive as threats.

Broken Promises

Biden Administration Commits $200 Million to Help Reintroduce Salmon in Columbia River

Dams had blocked salmon’s passage, driving them toward extinction and violating tribal fishing rights. The money will fully fund Native tribes’ plans to bring fish back to the region.

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Friends of the Court

Clarence Thomas Secretly Participated in Koch Network Donor Events

Thomas has attended at least two Koch donor summits, putting him in the extraordinary position of having helped a political network that has brought multiple cases before the Supreme Court.

The Many Times Ken Paxton Refused to Defend Texas Agencies in Court

The Texas attorney general said he’s “back to work” after his recent acquittal, but his office has repeatedly declined to fulfill one of its key duties: representing state agencies who are being sued.

Cold Justice

Decades-Old Trove of DNA Evidence, Collected by a Maryland Doctor, Leads to a Serial Rape Arrest

A ProPublica investigation highlighted a critical collection of evidence and inspired a law to preserve it. Now, that evidence has been used to charge a man with three rapes.

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