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The Tension Between Humans and Nature

320 stories published since 2010

An Exodus Unlike Any Other: Why Half the People in This Community Moved Away After Hurricane Katrina

The Federal Program to Rebuild After Hurricane Katrina Shortchanged the Poor. New Data Proves It.

The Cold War Legacy Lurking in U.S. Groundwater

City Receives Half a Million Dollars for Air Monitoring After Report Reveals Elevated Cancer Risk

The U.S. Promised Tribes They Would Always Have Fish, but the Fish They Have Pose Toxic Risks

Big Oil Companies Are Selling Their Wells. Some Worry Taxpayers Will Pay to Clean Them Up.

Barbados Will Be Among the First to Receive Climate Money From New International Monetary Fund Resilience Trust

New Air Monitors Among Major Impacts of ProPublica Toxic Air Pollution Reporting

The Racism, and Resilience, Behind Today’s Salmon Crisis

This Hurricane-Ravaged Town Has Waited Years for Long-Term Aid. It Could Happen Again.

The Tragedy of North Birmingham

A Year After Hurricane Ida Caused Flood Deaths, Officials Are Starting to Address Storm Drain Dangers

Texas-Mexico Border Town Approves Air Pollution Monitoring Following ProPublica and Texas Tribune Investigation

As Colorado River Dries, the U.S. Teeters on the Brink of Larger Water Crisis

Visualizing Toxic Air

Joe Manchin’s Price for Supporting the Climate Change Bill: A Natural Gas Pipeline in His Home State

How a Federal Agency Is Contributing to Salmon’s Decline in the Northwest

Barbados Resists Climate Colonialism in an Effort to Survive the Costs of Global Warming

The Supreme Court’s EPA Decision Could Hamper Regulators’ Ability to Protect the Public

The Polluter Just Got a Million-Dollar Fine. That Won’t Cure This Woman’s Rare Cancer.

Utah Officials Called It the “Year of Water.” Special Interests Still Resist Conservation.

Louisiana Sued Hurricane Katrina Survivors for Misusing Recovery Grants. Now It Has Halted Collection Efforts.

How Not to Count Salmon

The U.S. Has Spent More Than $2 Billion on a Plan to Save Salmon. The Fish Are Vanishing Anyway.

Air Monitors Alone Won’t Save Communities From Toxic Industrial Air Pollution

Katrina Survivors Were Told They Could Use Grant Money to Rebuild. Now They’re Being Sued for It.

The Southwest’s Drought and Fires Are a Window to Our Climate Change Future

She’s Supposed to Protect Americans From Toxic Chemicals. First, She Just Has to Fix Trump’s Mess and Decades of Neglect.

State Launches Cancer Study After ProPublica Identifies Toxic Air Pollution Hot Spot

We’re Releasing the Data Behind Our Toxic Air Analysis

Washington State Budgets $1.6 Million for Study and Removal of Toxic Lights

Representatives Introduce $500 Million Air Quality Bill, Citing ProPublica’s Investigations

Rechaza la EPA la norma de Texas que es más indulgente para un contaminante atmosférico muy tóxico

Planta de esterilización de equipo médico contamina con sustancias cancerígenas a decenas de miles de alumnos

School District Where Toxic Chemicals Lingered for Years Offers $34 Million Settlement to Families

How the Sugar Industry Makes Political Friends and Influences Elections

What Germany’s Effort to Leave Coal Behind Can Teach the U.S.

EPA Rejects Texas’ More Lenient Standard for Highly Toxic Air Pollutant

EPA Takes Action to Combat Industrial Air Pollution

California’s Forever Fire

After Years of Complaints, Florida Improves Pollution Monitoring Near Burning Sugar Cane Fields

Burning Sugar Cane Pollutes Communities of Color in Florida. Brazil Shows There’s Another Way.

A Plant That Sterilizes Medical Equipment Spews Cancer-Causing Pollution on Tens of Thousands of Schoolchildren

How Black Communities Become “Sacrifice Zones” for Industrial Air Pollution

The Dirty Secret of America’s Clean Dishes

What’s Polluting the Air? Not Even the EPA Can Say.

When Home Is a Toxic Hot Spot

Veneno en el aire

They Knew Industrial Pollution Was Ruining the Neighborhood’s Air. If Only Regulators Had Listened.

The EPA Administrator Visited Cancer-Causing Air Pollution Hot Spots Highlighted by ProPublica and Promised Reforms