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Marian Wang was a reporter for ProPublica, covering education and college debt. She joined ProPublica in 2010, first blogging about a variety of accountability issues. Her later stories focused on how rising college costs and the complexity of the student loan system affect students and their families. Prior to coming to ProPublica, she worked at Mother Jones magazine in San Francisco and freelanced for a number of Chicago-based publications, including The Chicago Reporter, an investigative magazine focused on issues of race and poverty.

Magnetar Deal Prompts SEC Settlement With JPMorgan Chase

A year after our story on hedge fund Magnetar, JPMorgan Chase agrees to pay $154 million over SEC charges it misled investors about Magnetar’s role in a deal.

Bank Lobby Says 'Fight Continues' on Debit Card Fees, Warns of 'Dire Consequences'

In a letter to the Federal Reserve this week, the American Bankers Association urged regulators to ease up on the rules and "mitigate the harms" to banks.

Latest on Obama's War Powers Act Workaround

What Exactly Is the War Powers Act and Is Obama Really Violating It?

The Obama administration is certainly sidestepping the controversial law known as the War Powers Act, but in doing so he’s following a well-worn path.

Primer: In Labor Board Dispute With Boeing, Growing Controversy Clouds Facts

As a messy labor dispute involving Boeing grows increasingly partisan, we review the facts behind the controversy.

Merrill Lynch Investigated for CDO Deal Involving Magnetar

The Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating whether Bank of America's Merrill Lynch shortchanged investors on a $1.5-billion mortgage-backed security deal.

A Reader’s Guide to the (Still Coming) Sarah Palin Emails

After three years of wrangling with the State of Alaska, we're finally getting a look at the emails Sarah Palin sent during her time as governor.

In Fight Over Debit Card Fees, a Loss for the Banks

It's missed one Dodd-Frank deadline already, but a proposal to curb the transaction fees banks earn from debit cards seems back on track to take effect in July. Lawmakers today voted against delaying it as banks had hoped.

John Edwards Cheat Sheet: What Are the Facts, and Do They Make Him a Criminal?

Sex scandals, messy cover-ups and even messier fessing-ups. They're all but routine in Washington, but here's why the case against John Edwards isn't.

Automakers' Bailout and Bankruptcies Shortchanged Accident Victims

The government bailout and restructuring of GM and Chrysler may have saved the companies from collapse, but it left thousands of car-accident victims in the lurch.

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