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The Efforts to Keep Industry in Check

205 stories published since 2013

What You Need to Know About How Section 8 Really Works

Lo que necesita saber acerca de cómo funciona realmente la Sección 8

The IRS Tried to Crack Down on Rich People Using an “Abusive” Tax Deduction. It Hasn’t Gone So Well.

IRS Reforms Free File Program, Drops Agreement Not to Compete With TurboTax

How Oil Companies Avoided Environmental Accountability After 10.8 Million Gallons Spilled

In “Cancer Alley,” Toxic Polluters Face Little Oversight From Environmental Regulators

How an Environmental Regulator Became Known for Protecting Industry

How McKinsey Makes Its Own Rules

The Law Says She Should Have Been Protected From Birth. Instead, She Was Left in the Care of Her Drug-Addicted Mother, Who Killed Her.

The Price of America’s Inability to Track Child Deaths from Abuse and Neglect? Sometimes, More Lives.

How We Measured States’ Compliance With a Forgotten Federal Child Abuse Law

Recreational Marijuana Becomes Legal in Illinois on Jan. 1. Here’s How Communities Across the State Are Dealing With the New Law.

Health Officials in “Cancer Alley” Will Study if Living Near a Controversial Chemical Plant Causes Cancer

YouTube Promised to Label State-Sponsored Videos But Doesn’t Always Do So

What Could Happen if a $9.4 Billion Chemical Plant Comes to “Cancer Alley”

New EPA Rules Aim to Reduce Toxic Emissions. But Many “Cancer Alley” Chemical Plants Won’t Have to Change.

Even Louisiana’s Wealthier Neighborhoods Can’t Escape Toxic Air in “Cancer Alley”

Why Louisiana’s Air Quality Is Going From Bad to Worse, in 3 Charts

I’ve Investigated Industrial Pollution for 35 Years. We’re Going Backwards.

How We Found New Chemical Plants Are Being Built in South Louisiana’s Most Polluted Areas

Welcome to “Cancer Alley,” Where Toxic Air Is About to Get Worse

The Obscure Charges That Utility Companies Add to Your Bills

Inside TurboTax’s 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free

Thousands of Poor Patients Face Lawsuits From Nonprofit Hospitals That Trap Them in Debt

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Asks Why the Justice Department Went Easy on Big Banks

How a Video Gambling Company Helped Bankroll Local Politicians

From Truck Stops to Elections, a River of Gambling Money Is Flooding Waukegan

When Fracking Companies Own the Gas Beneath Your Land

A Resolution Condemning Pipeline Challengers Passed Easily. A Pipeline Lobbyist Wrote It.

How Teach for America Evolved Into an Arm of the Charter School Movement

Fracking Companies Lost on Trespassing, but a Court Just Gave Them a Different Win

Anatomy of the Gambling Bill

A False Answer, a Big Political Connection and $260 Million in Tax Breaks

How the IRS Gave Up Fighting Political Dark Money Groups

The Missing Millions: Some States Are Still Waiting for the Gambling Windfall

The IRS Tried to Take on the Ultrawealthy. It Didn’t Go Well.

Legalized Betting Could Change How We Watch Sports

How Has the “Crack Cocaine of Gambling” Affected Illinois? The State Hasn’t Bothered to Check.

Why Aren’t Hedge Funds Required to Fight Money Laundering?

How Illinois Bet on Video Gambling and Lost

Do You Know Someone Struggling With Video Gambling? ​Help Us Understand Video Slot and Poker Addiction in Illinois.

How We Analyzed Video Gambling in Illinois

Facing Crisis, Sloan Kettering Tells Exec to Hand Over Profits From Biotech

Trump’s Dark Deregulation

Watchdog Group Calls for Reform to Cook County Assessor’s Office

Lawsuit Targets Berrios Over Unfair, Error-Riddled Assessments

How the Cook County Assessor Failed Taxpayers

How We Analyzed Commercial and Industrial Property Assessments in Chicago and Cook County

These Professors Make More Than a Thousand Bucks an Hour Peddling Mega-Mergers

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